Commit 02902696 authored by Vivien Kraus's avatar Vivien Kraus
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Fix an horrible mistake that made the call irrelevant

Of course, when computing the features of a game, we /have/ to look at
the game from the perspective of the next player to play, not the
player who has been dealt the cards...
parent 54d49710
......@@ -805,7 +805,7 @@ static size_t
features_get_my_cards (const TarotGame * game, size_t max, TarotCard * cards)
TarotPlayer myself;
if (game_get_main_player (game, &myself) == TAROT_GAME_OK)
if (game_get_next (game, &myself) == TAROT_GAME_OK)
size_t n_cards;
if (game_get_cards (game, myself, &n_cards, 0, max, cards) ==
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