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update info on license situation

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The files in here are all Copyright (C) Free Software Foundation, and
are under three different licenses:
* GPL - (text in doc/COPYING)
* LGPL - (text in doc/COPYING.LIB)
* FDL - (text in doc/COPYING.DOC and doc/fdl.texi)
The source files are grouped by license into their respective
directories. All documents in doc/ contain the relevant licensing
$Id: COPYING,v 1.2 2004-09-15 15:59:43 karl Exp $
The files in here are mostly copyright (C) Free Software Foundation, and
are under assorted licenses. Mostly, but not entirely, GPL.
Some of the source files in lib/ have different licenses. Also, the
copy of maintain.texi in doc/ has a verbatim-copying license, and
doc/standards.texi and make-stds.texi are GFDL.
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