Commit 165ed697 authored by Jim Meyering's avatar Jim Meyering
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announce-gen: remove now-duplicate code at top

* build-aux/announce-gen: Remove equivalent-but-more-verbose block.
parent 04df4d2f
2009-08-22 Jim Meyering <>
announce-gen: detect write failure
* build-aux/announce-gen: Add Coda.
* build-aux/announce-gen: Add Coda at end.
Remove equivalent-but-more-verbose block at top.
2009-08-19 Akim Demaille <>
#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# Generate a release announcement message.
my $VERSION = '2009-08-21 21:46'; # UTC
my $VERSION = '2009-08-22 08:05'; # UTC
# The definition above must lie within the first 8 lines in order
# for the Emacs time-stamp write hook (at end) to update it.
# If you change this file with Emacs, please let the write hook
......@@ -36,31 +36,6 @@ use POSIX qw(strftime);
my %valid_release_types = map {$_ => 1} qw (alpha beta major);
my @archive_suffixes = ('tar.gz', 'tar.bz2', 'tar.lzma', 'tar.xz');
# Nobody ever checks the status of print()s. That's okay, because
# if any do fail, we're guaranteed to get an indicator when we close()
# the filehandle.
# Close stdout now, and if there were no errors, return happy status.
# If stdout has already been closed by the script, though, do nothing.
defined fileno STDOUT
or return;
close STDOUT
and return;
# Errors closing stdout. Indicate that, and hope stderr is OK.
warn "$ME: closing standard output: $!\n";
# Don't be so arrogant as to assume that we're the first END handler
# defined, and thus the last one invoked. There may be others yet
# to come. $? will be passed on to them, and to the final _exit().
# If it isn't already an error, make it one (and if it _is_ an error,
# preserve the value: it might be important).
$? ||= 1;
sub usage ($)
my ($exit_code) = @_;
......@@ -500,14 +475,6 @@ EOF
exit 0;
# use File::Coda; #
defined fileno STDOUT or return;
close STDOUT and return;
warn "$ME: failed to close standard output: $!\n";
$? ||= 1;
### Setup "GNU" style for perl-mode and cperl-mode.
## Local Variables:
## perl-indent-level: 2
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