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Adding the article from issue 15 on surveillance with Facebook data from mobile phone carrier

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<p>Short description</p>
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<h4>(21/05/2019) Facebook caught lying to the Dutch Parliament</h4>
<p>On May 15 2019, Facebook’s Head of Public Policy for the Netherlands spoke at a round table in
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<h4>(20/05/2019) Thanks to Facebook, Your Cellphone Company Is Watching You More Closely Than Ever
<p>According to a confidential document the Intercept had access to, Facebook gives away information
about your phone that is used by your mobile phone carrier.</p>
<p>Facebook’s cellphone partnerships are particularly worrisome because of the extensive
surveillance powers already enjoyed by carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile: Just as your internet
service provider is capable of watching the data that bounces between your home and the wider
world, telecommunications companies have a privileged vantage point from which they can glean a
great deal of information about how, when, and where you’re using your phone. AT&T, for example,
states plainly in its privacy policy that it collects and stores information “about the websites
you visit and the mobile applications you use on our networks.” Paired with carriers’ calling
and texting oversight, that accounts for just about everything you’d do on your smartphone.</p>
<li>The Intercept: <a
to Facebook, Your Cellphone Company Is Watching You More Closely Than Ever</a>
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<h4>(13/05/2019) WhatsApp vulnerability allows to install spyware</h4>
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