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<h4>(21/05/2019) Facebook caught lying to the Dutch Parliament</h4>
<p>On May 15 2019, Facebook’s Head of Public Policy for the Netherlands spoke at a round table in the House of Representatives
and stated: “You can now only advertise political messages in a country, if you’re a resident of that country.”</p>
<p>Dutch Digital Rights NGO Bits of Freedom quickly proved that this was completely wrong. It was no problem at all
to boost a political posting to a German target group from a Dutch Facebook account and pay for it from a Dutch
bank account, and vice versa.</p>
<li>Bits of Freedom: <a
lies to Dutch Parliament about election manipulation</a> (21/05/2019)</li>
<li>niewsuur: <a
of Freedom: 'Facebook gaat de fout in met politieke advertenties'</a> (21/05/2019)</li>
<li>Bits of Freedom: <a
boos na Facebook-onthulling Bits of Freedom</a> (21/05/2019)</li>
<div class="scandal left">
<div class="content">
<h4>(13/05/2019) WhatsApp vulnerability allows to install spyware</h4>
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