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Merge branch 'l10n_develop_new' into 'develop'

New Crowdin updates

See merge request tom79/fedilab!1028
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......@@ -216,7 +216,7 @@
<!-- Notifications -->
<string name="no_notifications">Peruna notìfica de ammustrare</string>
<string name="notif_mention">t\'at mentovadu</string>
<string name="notif_status">wrote a new message</string>
<string name="notif_status">at iscritu unu messàgiu nou</string>
<string name="notif_reblog">at cumpartzidu s\'istadu tuo</string>
<string name="notif_favourite">at agiuntu s\'istadu tuo a is preferidos suos</string>
<string name="notif_follow">at comintzadu a ti sighire</string>
......@@ -287,7 +287,7 @@
<string name="set_notif_follow_add">Notìfica cando calicunu ponet s\'istadu tuo in is preferidos suos</string>
<string name="set_notif_follow_mention">Notìfica cando calicunu ti mentovat</string>
<string name="set_notif_follow_poll">Notìfica cando acabat unu sondàgiu</string>
<string name="set_notif_status">Notify for new posts</string>
<string name="set_notif_status">Notìfica pro sas publicatziones noas</string>
<string name="set_share_validation">Ammustra una ventanedda de diàlogu de cunfirma in antis de cumpartzire</string>
<string name="set_share_validation_fav">Ammustra una ventanedda de diàlogu de cunfirma in antis de agiùnghere a is preferidos</string>
<string name="set_wifi_only">Notìfica sceti cun su WIFI</string>
......@@ -492,7 +492,7 @@
<string name="channel_notif_poll">Sondàgiu acabadu</string>
<string name="channel_notif_toot">Tut nou</string>
<string name="channel_notif_backup">Còpia de seguresa de is tuts</string>
<string name="channel_notif_status">New posts</string>
<string name="channel_notif_status">Publicatziones noas</string>
<string name="channel_notif_media">Iscàrriga is mèdios</string>
<string name="set_notif_sound">Càmbia su sonu de notìfica</string>
<string name="select_sound">Seletziona sa soneria</string>
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