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<h2>Get realtime infos on your bike route.</h2>
<div id="features">
<div class="left-feature">
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<h3>Track and share issues</h3>
<p>Report on realtime issues on bike routes: road works, obstacles, accidents, etc.</p>
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<img src="img/openData.svg" alt="OpenData"/>
<h3>Based on available OpenData</h3>
<p>Always up to date to inform you about road works ahead while you bike!</p>
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<img src="img/iPhone/@2-black.png" alt="Screenshot"/>
<div class="right-feature">
<div class="feature">
<img src="img/open.svg" alt="Open-source"/>
<h3>Free and open-source</h3>
<p>From one fellow cyclist to another!</p>
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<img src="img/privacy.svg" alt="Privacy"/>
<h3>Respecting your privacy</h3>
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<a class="button" href="httdivps://">Go to app</a>
<a class="button" href="">Go to app</a>
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