Commit 434bf56e authored by Phyks (Lucas Verney)'s avatar Phyks (Lucas Verney)
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Fix date notation with slashes in opendata imports

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......@@ -623,12 +623,12 @@ def process_opendata(name, data, report_type=REPORT_TYPE):
# Check that the work is currently being done
now ='Europe/Paris')
if fields['date_debut']:
start_date = arrow.get(fields['date_debut'])
start_date = arrow.get(fields['date_debut'].replace('/', '-'))
# Defaults to now if start date is unknown
start_date = arrow.get(now)
if fields['date_fin']:
end_date = arrow.get(fields['date_fin'])
end_date = arrow.get(fields['date_fin'].replace('/', '-'))
# Defaults to in a week if start date is unknown
end_date = arrow.get(now).shift(days=+7)
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