1. 03 May, 2017 1 commit
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      Switch to a Vue-based web app · a57d9ce8
      Phyks (Lucas Verney) authored
      * Init Webpack / Babel / etc setup.
      * Build the app using Vue, Vue-router, Vuex.
      * i18n
      Some backends changes were made to match the webapp development:
      * Return the flat status as a single string ("new" rather than
      * Completely switch to calling Weboob API directly for fetching
      * Use Canister for Bottle logging
      * Handle merging of details dict better
      * Add a WSGI script
      * Keep track of duplicates
      * Webserver had to be restarted to fetch external changes to the db
      * Handle leboncoin module better
      Also add contributions guidelines.
      Closes issue #3
      Closes issue #14.