Commit 826989f7 authored by Phyks's avatar Phyks

Monkey patch a WebOOB bug: No long waiting for the flats to be fetched!

When passing a `Query` to a WebOOB backend and the query has no cities
for this backend, WebOOB was returning nonsense. This is now solved as
we only call the relevant backends for each query.
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......@@ -185,10 +185,20 @@ class WebOOBProxy(object):
:return: The matching housing posts, dumped as a list of JSON objects.
housings = []
# List the useful backends for this specific query
useful_backends = [x.backend for x in query.cities]
# TODO: Handle max_entries better
for housing in itertools.islice('search_housings', query),
# Only run the call on the required backends.
# Otherwise, WebOOB is doing weird stuff and returning
# nonsense.
backends=[x for x in self.backends
if in useful_backends]
if not store_personal_data:
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