Commit 139568f8 authored by Phyks's avatar Phyks

Fix slider component as well to use local images

parent c7fa6c8b
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<div @keydown="closeModal">
<isotope ref="cpt" :options="isotopeOptions" v-images-loaded:on.progress="layout" :list="photos">
<div v-for="(photo, index) in photos" :key="photo.url">
<img :src="photo.url" v-on:click="openModal(index)"/>
<div v-for="(photo, index) in photosURLOrLocal" :key="photo">
<img :src="photo" v-on:click="openModal(index)"/>
<div class="modal" ref="modal" :aria-label="$t('slider.Fullscreen_photo')" role="dialog">
<span class="close"><button v-on:click="closeModal" :title="$t('common.Close')" :aria-label="$t('common.Close')">&times;</button></span>
<img class="modal-content" :src="photos[modalImgIndex].url">
<img class="modal-content" :src="photosURLOrLocal[modalImgIndex]">
......@@ -27,6 +27,17 @@ export default {
computed: {
photosURLOrLocal() {
return => {
if (photo.local) {
return `/data/img/${photo.local}`;
return photo.url;
created () {
window.addEventListener('keydown', event => {
if (!this.isModalOpen) {
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