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Phineas’ dotfiles

Hello Unixers ;) here are my dotfiles


My i3-gaps config file (in ~/.config/)




modifier: alt

Keys Action
Mod+Return terminator
Mod+q kill focused window
Mod+d rofi
Mod+c horizontal split
Mod+v vertical split
Mod+f fullscreen mode
Mod++Shift+space toggle floating
Mod+r resize mode
Mod+Shift+e exit menu
Mod+t emacsclient


In ~/.config/



Modules: (from left to right)

  • mpd: display current song and artist with clicable state (play/pause)
  • mpGenre: display the style of the song (if taged)
  • mpcType: display the type of file (extension: flac, mp3…)
  • mpcPercent: display the elapsed time in percent
  • i3: display actives workspace with icon
  • xwindow: display the title of focused window
  • serverCheck: display the state of a server with ping
  • pkg: display numbers of update form official arch repos and aur
  • eth: display upspeed and downspeed of ethernet connection
  • memory: display RAM used
  • temperature: display CPU’s temperature
  • cpu: display CPU’s usage in percent
  • date: display time and date



  • All the icons are customizables
  • The colors are customizables in the first section of config file
  • The server’s ip is configurable in the serverCheck.sh script






  • notifyosd-precmd: show notification when a command finish with a execution time biger than 10 seconds (configurable) (NOT FROM ME)
  • copy: function to proceed a multi-destination cp
  • glue: is “paste” for the copy function but paste is already a builtin command
  • tab_list_files: proceed to ls hiting tab key everywhere
  • mkcd: make a dir and cd on automatically
  • tranfer: tranfer file with tranfer.sh website and display link in console and backup the link in a file
  • cdl: perform a ls just after a cd
  • videos: open search on youtube
  • timer: just a sleep function…
  • bcp, bmv, brm: better cp, mv and rm function who add automatically sudo or required parameters

Useful aliases

PIPE = |

(the “|” symbol interfer with org’s tables…)

Alias Action Comment
l exa
la ls –almost-all
ll ls++ –psf
lla exa -la
ip ip -c address show
duhs du -sh * PIPE sort -rh display size of files sorted by desc
vtop vtop –theme wizard system monitor
cat highlight -l0 ansi –force cat with colors
chmox chmod +x
meteo curl wttr.in/Clermont-Ferrand set your own city
gcm git commit -m
ga git add
gp git push origin master
G PIPE grep faster way to use grep
NUL > /dev/null 2>&1 redirect all the output to null
LC PIPE wc -l count the lines of files

exa is a program like builtin ls but more eye-candy, idem for ls++.

lsp is like ls but with more functions.


  • oh-my-zsh (see next)
  • exa, ls++, lsp: the alternatives to ls
  • vtop: the sysmon
  • highlight: for cat with colors
  • a notification system


Oh my zsh