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Trad (modifs mineuers) : include/staff/

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......@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@ $info=Format::htmlchars(($errors && $_POST)?$_POST:$info);
<th colspan="2">
<em><strong>Remarques de l’admin&nbsp;/strong>: notes internes.&nbsp;</em>
<em><strong>Remarques admin&nbsp;/strong>: notes internes.&nbsp;</em> <!-- dans d’autres fichiers, on aura l’inverse => Notes internes : remarques admin -->
......@@ -113,7 +113,7 @@ $info=Format::htmlchars(($errors && $_POST)?$_POST:$info);
<p style="padding-left:225px;">
<input type="submit" name="submit" value="<?php echo $submit_text; ?>">
<input type="reset" name="reset" value="Reset">
<input type="button" name="cancel" value="Cancel" onclick='window.location.href="apikeys.php"'>
<input type="reset" name="reset" value="Réinitialiser">
<input type="button" name="cancel" value="Annuler" onclick='window.location.href="apikeys.php"'>
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