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Trad : scp/dashboard.php

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......@@ -30,25 +30,25 @@ require(STAFFINC_DIR.'');
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/bootstrap.css"/>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/dashboard.css"/>
<h2>Ticket Activity&nbsp;<i class="help-tip icon-question-sign" href="#ticket_activity"></i></h2>
<p>Select the starting time and period for the system activity graph</p>
<h2>Activité du ticket&nbsp;<i class="help-tip icon-question-sign" href="#ticket_activity"></i></h2>
<p>Sélectionnez l'heure de début et la période pour le graphe d'activité</p>
<form class="well form-inline" id="timeframe-form">
<i class="help-tip icon-question-sign" href="#report_timeframe"></i>&nbsp;&nbsp;Report timeframe:
<i class="help-tip icon-question-sign" href="#report_timeframe"></i>&nbsp;&nbsp;Calendrier du rapport :
<input type="text" class="dp input-medium search-query"
name="start" placeholder="Last month"/>
<select name="period">
<option value="now" selected="selected">Up to today</option>
<option value="+7 days">One Week</option>
<option value="+14 days">Two Weeks</option>
<option value="+1 month">One Month</option>
<option value="+3 months">One Quarter</option>
<option value="now" selected="selected">Jusqu'à aujourd'hui</option>
<option value="+7 days">Une semaine</option>
<option value="+14 days">Deux semaines</option>
<option value="+1 month">Un mois</option>
<option value="+3 months">Un trimestre</option>
<button class="btn" type="submit">Refresh</button>
<button class="btn" type="submit">Rafraîchir</button>
<!-- Create a graph and fetch some data to create pretty dashboard -->
......@@ -58,8 +58,8 @@ require(STAFFINC_DIR.'');
<h2>Statistics&nbsp;<i class="help-tip icon-question-sign" href="#statistics"></i></h2>
<p>Statistics of tickets organized by department, help topic, and staff.</p>
<h2>Statistiquess&nbsp;<i class="help-tip icon-question-sign" href="#statistics"></i></h2>
<p>Statistiques des tickets, organisées par département, sujet d'aide et personnel.</p>
<ul class="nav nav-tabs" id="tabular-navigation"></ul>
<div id="table-here"></div>
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