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<h2>Install a new plugin</h2>
<h2>Installer un nouveau plug-in</h2>
To add a plugin into the system, download and place the plugin into the
<code>include/plugins</code> folder. Once in the plugin is in the
<code>plugins/</code> folder, it will be shown in the list below.
Pour ajouter un plug-in au système, charger et placer le plug-in dans le répertoire
<code>include/plugins</code>. Une fois que le plug-in sera dans le répertoire
<code>plugins/</code>, il sera affiché dans la liste ci-dessous.
<form method="post" action="?">
......@@ -20,12 +20,12 @@ foreach ($ost->plugins->allInfos() as $info) {
<tr><td><button type="submit" name="install_path"
value="<?php echo $info['install_path'];
<div><strong><?php echo $info['name']; ?></strong><br/>
<div><?php echo $info['description']; ?></div>
<div class="faded"><em>Version: <?php echo $info['version']; ?></em></div>
<div class="faded"><em>Author: <?php echo $info['author']; ?></em></div>
<div class="faded"><em>Version&nbsp;: <?php echo $info['version']; ?></em></div>
<div class="faded"><em>Auteur&nbsp;: <?php echo $info['author']; ?></em></div>
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