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Updating Saffron appearance; Changing magic school to formal name.

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......@@ -33,14 +33,14 @@ Being a witch of Chaosah is not particularly lucrative, and several times Pepper
* **Age**: 14
* **Magic**: Kielbasah
* **Magic**: Magmah
* **Place**: Komona, the magic floating tree city, a place of markets and rich people.
* **Pet**: Truffel, a white angora cat.
* **Hobby**: Working to be more rich and famous.
* **Theme**: Urban, metal, gems, forge, glass, mirrors, shining, rocks, caves.
* **Family**: Orphaned, educated in the Komona orphanage.
* **Motivations**: Being the best witch and restoring the prestige of her magic school, 'Magmah'.
* **Episode**: ep01, ep03, ep06, ep09
* **Episode**: ep01, ep03, ep06, ep09, ep16
* **Known potion/Spell**: Potion of Poshness (ep06)
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