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![Header cover image of Pepper&Carrot wiki](
This repository contains the wiki of [Pepper&Carrot]( with its markdown files about **Hereva**, the open-world of Pepper&Carrot. This repository exists to help the community project and [derivations]( to extend or reuse better the universe of the webcomic.
## Rules
You can extend the universe of Hereva proposing your work as a Creative-Commons Attribution [derivation]( or a [fan-fiction]( (developing your own characters, places, creatures.).
If an idea re-appears in the main webcomics episode; it becomes canon and reinjected back into the Wiki.
## License
Authors of all editions or contributions to this project accept to release their work under the license: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International , CC-By ](
All resources here (images/sounds/videos) are under the same license. Attributions can be found on the footer of the page when the wiki is online, or on the **** page in the repository. A copy is also added to the file at the root of the peppercarrot/webcomic and visible online under the Author category.
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