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# Dragons of Hereva
Dragons have roamed the lands of Hereva as long as memory. They spend their days near their respective lairs. They are capricious beings, with their own desires and agendas. They regard humans as curiosities, and are fascinated that beings with such short lifespans are constantly inquiring about events they can't possibly know.
There is a myth that the sun of Hereva is comprised of two dragons fighting a continual battle and launching great bursts of flame at each other. Most dragons do not speak of this, and will quickly change the subject should it come up.
Near the end of a dragon's life they will head toward the three setting moons, near the temples of Ah. There they spend the rest of their days in quiet and contemplation. The members of Ah are respectful and do not disturb the dragons unless a dragon initiates conversation. To disturb a dragon in these final days is considered anathema, and carries stiff punishments.
There is a type of dragon known as the Petite Dragon that has been known to be around members of Ah. Whether these can be considered "true" dragons or another species on Hereva has yet to be determined. After a number of years the members of Ah release these Petite Dragons into the wild, never to see them again. It is difficult to keep track of dragons in the wild as magical tagging never seems to stick on them for long. Some believe the dragons seen with members of Ah are actually young dragons, and the reason they return to the land of the setting moons is because that is their home. Whatever the case, the dragons and members of Ah will not elaborate on their relationship.
## Dragons and Hereva's pre-history
The Dragons of Hereva have lived in the land of Hereva long before human recollection. It wasn't until The Great Tree of Komona that the dragons took notice of the humans in Hereva. Whether that was because the humans didn't arrive until The Great Tree of Komona appeared is something the Komonan scholars wrestle to resolve. Many conversations with the dragons prove inconsistent at best and obfuscated at worst. One theory is that the dragons simply did not pay any attention to the humans until they weilded magic, much in the same way that humans don't pay attention to the ants until they start building superstructures in their back yard. Another theory is the dragons purposefully obfuscate human history, answering in riddles and conflicting details in the hopes of keeping humans away from some hidden lore.
## Red Dragon (Fire Dragon)
* **Type**: Dragon
* **Place**: Caves
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