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Being a witch of Chaosah is not particularly lucrative, and several times Pepper has not had enough Ko to afford even modest ingredients for her potions. It wasn't until the recent potion challenge (ep3) that Pepper had any kind of money, and had to augment her broom with additional potions and Rea for flight (Komonan wood brooms require much less Rea to fly, and fetch a hefty price). Even with her considerable skill there have been a few times where she's had to make in-flight adjustments.
# Carrot
* **Age**: Unknown
* **Magic**: Unknown
* **Place**: Forest of Squirrel's End (along with Pepper)
* **Hobby**: Sleeping
* **Motivations**: Sleeping, Eating, Companionship with Pepper
## History
Carrot is an orange striped tabby cat. He was alone around Squirrel's End looking for food when he spied Pepper having trouble with her Hippiah lessons (ep18). He hid amongst the carrots in a food storage room, which prompted Pepper to name him "Carrot". He is Pepper's constant companion (and occasional potion-tester).
# Saffron
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