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* **Age**: Unknown
* **Episode**: ep16
* **Description**: The Sage is the great and wise teacher of Hereva. Located in the hot springs of Hereva, The Sage dispenses wisdom to those who seek it. He sits in the hot springs, and speaks his wisdom to anyone who will hear. Those who understand the message of The Sage (and have the ability to stay in the water long enough without pruning), can truly say they have received his wisdom. Many who made the trek to see The Sage report the only wisdom they received was sounds of contentment and a promise that he will teach them when he gets out of the bath. Few have seen The Sage outside of his bath, and fewer still speak openly of his wisdom. As a result, The Sage spends most of his time alone in the bath sighing with contentment; his wisdom unheard and unheeded.
## Vanilla / Diva Capsica
* **Age**: 60
* **Magic**: **Magmah**
* **Description**: Actual master of Magmah; pink hair, a bit chubby, pink lace scarf with frills (for parties); dream to organize the most impressive and beautiful fire show of all times; can be friendly and ridiculously passionate about her dream, or very violent if someone tries to upset her, or to touch her students, with no mercy: she loves to propose magic fights to solve any problem.
* **Episode**: None
* **Known potion/Spell**: Fire Torrent, Build Flames
* **Hobbies**: Researches about impressive fire spells
## Unknown Mermaid
* **Age**: Undetermined, probably very old
* **Magic**: **Aquah**
* **Description**: Actual master of Aquah; Giant mermaid with long and punky hair, with a gold trident and a tail with shining scales, as hard as dragons'. Probably: nobody can affirm she really exists. This description was made from little fragments listened here and there through out history.
* **Episode**: None
* **Known potion/Spell**: Unknown
## Apiaceae
* **Age**: Deceased at a very advanced age
* **Magic**: **Zombiah**
* **Description**: Found the Zombiah school after discovering the Zombification Process. Chief engineer of Qualicity, then Queen of Qualicity, Coriander grandmother, Soumbala's creator. Coriander's outfit (+ hat) belonged to her grandmother when she was young. Black skin, curly long hair.
* **Episode**: None
* **Known potion/Spell**: Zombification Process, Growth Retarder (accident)
Apiaceae discovered the Zombification Process while trying to resurrect her little mouse Anis. She founded Zombiah to develop all the potential of this process. As she loved tinkering in her own side, she used the Zombification Process to boost her creations. She contributed to mix magic and technology to bring important changes and progress in Hereva. She founded the Technologist-Union, and participated to the build of countless structures, as the Cathedral of Qualicity. She often had to treat with the king of Qualicity, to finally became his wife, to one condition: he had to lead alone. The duties of a queen didn't interest her (even if she helped to take important decisions), and was too much work with Master of Zombiah and Chief Engineer. That's why their marriage remained secret during a long time.
She had to treat with Ah about the Zombification Process on living beings, used for a long time on formerly living beings as working force, which was an ethical problem. Apiaceae never really listened to the explanation of witches of Ah about spirit true form. She accepted to curtail the use of the process on working forces (replaced by artificial ones), but experiences on living beings were still practiced. The war was the straw that broke the camel's back: she saw that her creation could be used at wrong purposes, and accepted to really limit the practice of the Zombification Process to non-human beings by signing a treaty, that only her and a few people know the exact content. She also decided to transform her long work about the most perfect robot into a wise robot, called Soumbala, to take her place as master of Zombiah, to teach wisdom to students who wanted to learn this magic after her death. Her son, the actual king of Qualicity, often tells that when he was young, he often saw his mother working in a hiding place on secret projects, that she didn't want to leave after the war until her death. But after, this hiding place was empty.
One day, she accidentally created a potion that slowed her own life. She never said how it was created to anyone, even her son ; the only thing we know is that the Zombification Process was one key element of the potion. Her son's wife was her last assistant, and tried to find the other elements, so hardly it became an obsession. But one day, after an explosion, the king went to his wife laboratory... but she had disappeared. It is an episode that Coriander hates to tell.
We can find trace of her passage everywhere in Qualicity, as she signed all her creations with her coat.
## Soumbala
* **Age**: 14
* **Magic**: **Zombiah**
* **Description**: Actual Master of Zombiah ; masterpiece robot created and animated by Apiaceae ; looks like a fakir with a turban ; always floats, the legs crossed. Contains all the wisdom of Apiaceae after the war (and maybe more?)
* **Episode**: None
* **Known potion/Spell**: Zombification Process
Originally planned to be the robot with the best intelligence, near to the human's one, Apiaceae decided to adapt her masterpiece to have the needed wisdom to teach the Zombification Process and its application after her death, in agreement with the last treaty she signed with Ah. Soumbala became the Master who teached Coriander all she knows about Zombiah. It is also the first advisor of the king, as it can help with its infinite wisdom. Rumors says that Soumbala contains the last secrets of Apiaceae (like her Growth Retarder potion), but Coriander never found any secret into Soumbala. Yet...
## Botanic
* **Age**: 75
* **Magic**: **Hippiah**
* **Description**: Former Master of Hippiah ; Specialized in herbal medicine. Gave the power to her apprentice Basilic before leaving, trying to found the "Perfect Garden" Floreco.
* **Episode**: None
* **Known potion/Spell**:
Botanic was not known to be a good witch. She was lazy, rarely went outside the greenhouse her master gave her to teach her knowledge. Basilic often had to do the teacher to her classmates, learning by herself as she was brilliant. She went to ask to Botanic only if it was a need (her hygiene was so terrible that flowers and tree started to grow on her!). The Botanic only known talent was the creation of powerful medicine from the plants she spent all her day to study. When Basilic complained about her duty as a master, Botanic always answered than the nature is the real master, and witches of Hippiah just have to listen to its lessons. Basilic thought that was a pityful excuse to be lazy. Botanic often talked about Floreco, the Perfect Garden where the nature can give to witches who deserved it, fairly, without any work or any violence. Basilic never listened to what she called "her green delirium", except the "any violence" part, she started to think about seriously.
One day, Basilic didn't find her master in the greenhouse, only one message: "I left to find Floreco. You are the master, now. Quick, go teaching!", which angered Basilic so much that she destroyed the greenhouse by accident. She took advantage of this accident to build the actual Hippiah structure, offering true equipments and accomodations for the students, comfortable enough to forget how she had to live (in a hut she built at the top of a tree, as Botanic has never built anything for her students). To keep the students' faith in Hippiah, Basilic always lied about Botanic, saying that she was a powerful and respected witch, too focused on her experiences to have the time to teach (which is half a lie, even if Botanic spent more time to do nothing than working!). She continues to lie after being the Master.
## Basilic
* **Age**: 34
* **Magic**: **Hippiah**
* **Description**: Actual Master of Hippiah ; apprentice of Botanic ; very brillant, learnt almost all her knowledge by herself ; a little arrogant.
* **Episode**: Ep18
* **Known potion/Spell**:
Basilic was the apprentice of Botanic, but had to learn by herself (see Botanic history). She is very brillant, and loves to teach to others (with a little arrogant behaviour: she doesn't hesitate to mock someone if they are very lame). When she became Master of Hippiah, she built accomodations to avoid that her students have to live in the trees (even if they had to know how to survive in a forest).
She took Pepper as a student when she was young ; but after an explosion provoked by Pepper, she accepted to give her to the Chaosah witches, regarding her poor performance with the Hippiah magic.
She hates conflict and war (Hippiah didn't take part of the war), and works for a more peaceful world. She also dislikes the Technologist Union, as they seem not to care about life or environment. Chaosah and Magmah scare her a bit, considering the environment disaster they are able to provok...
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