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......@@ -54,8 +54,8 @@ Carrot is a male orange striped tabby cat. He was alone around Squirrel's End lo
* **Theme**: Urban, metal, gems, forge, glass, mirrors, shining, rocks, caves.
* **Family**: Orphaned, educated in the Komona orphanage.
* **Motivations**: Being the best witch and restoring the prestige of her magic school, 'Magmah'.
* **Episode**: ep01, ep03, ep06, ep09, ep16, ep21
* **Known potion/Spell**: Potion of Poshness (ep06)
* **Episode**: ep01, ep03, ep06, ep09, ep16, ep21, ep22
* **Known potion/Spell**: Potion of Poshness (ep06), Fire spell (ep22)
......@@ -86,8 +86,8 @@ Truffel is a female white angora cat. She lives with Saffron in Komona and trave
* **Motivations**: To live a quiet life and die in peace, guided by the unknowable winds.
* **Family**: Selected by Ah.
* **Clothing**: Shichimi wears a hair-piece fashioned from the bone of one of the dragons near the temples of Ah. What it signifies and how she obtained it is known only to her. Her garments are a simple robe and wrap, similar to a kimono.
* **Episode**: ep06, ep09, ep13, ep17, ep21
* **Known potion/Spell**: Potion of Giant Monster (ep06)
* **Episode**: ep06, ep09, ep13, ep17, ep21, ep22
* **Known potion/Spell**: Potion of Giant Monster (ep06), Blinding light (ep22)
# Yuzu
......@@ -113,8 +113,8 @@ Yuzu is a two-tailed orange fox (kitsune) that travels beside Shichimi.
* **Theme**: Industry, voodoo, necromancy (reanimation of non-living beings), robotics, maker.
* **Family**: Princess of Qualicity. Spoiled heavily by her father, the king.
* **Motivation**: Inventing a new kind of magic based on logical and physical law, allowing all people to use magic, not just witches.
* **Episode**: ep06, ep09, ep13, ep21
* **Known potion/Spell**: Potion of Zombification (ep06)
* **Episode**: ep06, ep09, ep13, ep21, ep22
* **Known potion/Spell**: Potion of Zombification (ep06), Skeleton summoning (ep22)
# Mango
......@@ -140,8 +140,8 @@ Mango is a black cockerel that is often seen with Coriander.
* **Theme**: Mysterious practitioner of Aquak
* **Family**: Unknown
* **Motivation**: Unknown
* **Episode**: ep21
* **Known potion/Spell**: Forceful ejection from water (ep21)
* **Episode**: ep21, ep22
* **Known potion/Spell**: Forceful ejection from water (ep21), Water Tentacles (ep22)
Spirulina is the mysterious witch-representative of Aquah. She appears at the second magic contest, much to the surprise of Pepper and the audience. Few have seen the members of Aquah since the great war, so little is known about what drove Aquah to send Spirulina to this contest, or what Spirulina wants to gain by participating.
......@@ -169,8 +169,8 @@ Durian is a red male betta spelendens fish.
* **Theme**: Practitioner of Hippiah magic. Growth. Nurturing.
* **Family**: Unknown
* **Motivation**: Unknown
* **Episode**: ep18, ep21
* **Known potion/Spell**: Growth spell (ep18)
* **Episode**: ep18, ep21, ep22
* **Known potion/Spell**: Growth spell (ep18, ep22)
Camomile is one of the witches from Pepper's class at the "School of Hippiah Witchcraft". She is gifted in her practice of Hippiah magic. She is human with raccoon ears and tail. Early-on she was teased for her strange appearance, but her skills with Hippiah magic endeared her to her teachers and classmates. Camomile is driven to be the best Hippiah witch ever, and her formidable talents and innate magical abilities make her an exceptional Hippiah witch.
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