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When the Wiki switched from Github to Framagit; the homepage changed from the old
"" to simply the "" used by the repo of Framagit.  This change target
"" file as the new homepage for the wiki. I saw it after getting the new disclaimer not being displayed on the website.
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![Header cover image of Pepper&Carrot wiki](
This wiki contains information to learn about **Hereva**, the open-world of Pepper&Carrot and exists to help the Pepper&Carrot community to create [derivations](, such as: comics, movies, video-games, fan-fiction, etc...
## Rules
**Edit**: Everyone can edit and correct the pages. An easy edit button is on the right sidebar.
**Update**: The pages published here are synced manually. Your edit won't appear online immediately.
**Content**: Only themes about Pepper&Carrot can be written on the Wiki. Other content will be deleted.
**Creative input**: You can extend the universe of Hereva by [sending me]( your work as a [derivation]( or a [fan-fiction]( (developing your own characters, places, creatures.). Interesting ideas will be reinjected back into the Wiki.
## License
Authors of all editions or contributions to this project accept to release their work under the license:
[Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International , CC-By ](
All resources here (images/sounds/videos) are under the same license.
Attributions can be found on the footer of the page, or on the `````` page.
Add your name to `````` to get credited on all the page of the wiki!
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