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# The School of Hippiah Magic
![The School of Hippiah Magic](
The School of Hippiah is a modest building outside of the village of Squirrel's End. It sits underneath a waterfall that is collected to bring water into the school. Next to the school is a stream where animals come to graze. The school is a "U" shaped set of buildings, with one building set aside as the kitchen area (no doubt to collect the tasty produce the school's students grow). The remaining buildings house classrooms where students learn the finer points of Hippiah magic. Some of the classes are held outdoors where students can practice their growth spells.
Students from all over Hereva can be found at the school, and the school is renowned for accepting most of the students who apply. A modest amount of magical aptitude is the only requirement for entry. Students are required to purchase Hippiah robes which can be had for relatively little Ko (there are stories of students getting robes in exchange for a few days worth of produce).
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