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Adding more descriptions for the witches of Chaosah, added image for The Sage

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......@@ -110,9 +110,14 @@ Saffron demonstrated an aptitude for magic at an early age. When she was 6 she m
* **Age**: 116
* **Magic**: **Chaosah**
* **Description**: The small and wise leader of the Chaosah witches.
* **Episode**: ep11, ep14, ep15, ep16, ep17
* **Episode**: ep11, ep14, ep15, ep16, ep17, ep18
* **Known potion/Spell**: She transform herself into the Prince Acren (ep11)
Thyme is the current wise leader of the Chaosah Witches. She rules the remaining witches with her iron fist (even though it is somewhat arthritic). She tends to be calculating and sneaky and has been known to sneak off to a cave to look at "The Web". Her mind is sharp and she is always calculating for the best way to bring the defeated Chaosah back to their rightful and feared prominence over the other Herevan magical schools.
Cumin is Thyme's apprentice, though Thyme feels more comfortable with Cayenne's council. Thyme frequently bosses Cumin around, sending her on errands and other quests with little regard for Cumin's safety or well-being. If she had her way she would make Cayenne her apprentice, but is unable to perform the unbinding and re-binding ritual required (as it requires another Chaosah witch to oversee the process; one that is not directly affected by the unbinding and re-binding).
# Cayenne
......@@ -120,10 +125,14 @@ Saffron demonstrated an aptitude for magic at an early age. When she was 6 she m
* **Age**: 56
* **Magic**: **Chaosah**
* **Description**: A psychotic, rigid, tall and thin witch of Chaosah. Spell teacher of Pepper.
* **Episode**: ep11, ep12, ep14, ep16, ep17
* **Description**: The tall, thin and rigid witch of Chaosah. Spell teacher for Pepper.
* **Episode**: ep11, ep12, ep14, ep16, ep17, ep18
* **Known potion/Spell**: Throwing fire with her eyes (ep11), Spell cancellation (ep12)
Cayenne is the most visible and foreboding of the Chaosah witches. She commands respect and is not one to take orders from anyone other than Thyme. During the Great War she was the most feared Chaosah witch, casting spells and causing devastation wherever she roamed. Little is known of her past which suits Cayenne just fine. Her life is dedicated to Chaosah and to protecting Thyme.
# Cumin
......@@ -131,20 +140,22 @@ Saffron demonstrated an aptitude for magic at an early age. When she was 6 she m
* **Age**: 62
* **Magic**: **Chaosah**
* **Description**: A bon-vivant witch of Chaosah, potion and ingredients teacher of Pepper.
* **Episode**: ep11, ep14, ep17
* **Known potion/Spell**: Transformation into a bat (ep11)
* **Description**: A bon-vivant witch of Chaosah. Teacher of potions and potion ingredients for Pepper.
* **Episode**: ep11, ep14, ep17, ep18
* **Known potion/Spell**: Transformation into a bat (ep11, ep18)
Cumin started off as an apprentice of Thyme. Despite being in her sixties and an accomplished witch she still suffers under the apprentice relationship; being bossed around almost instinctively by the older witch. Cumin's specialty is creating potions and teaches Pepper how to craft potent potions. Perhaps the reason Pepper creates potions over other means of incantation relates to how approachable Cumin is compared to the remaining witches of Chaosah.
Cumin is only somewhat aware of her strained relationship with Thyme as her apprentice. She became suspicious after an errand to Aquah where she nearly drowned in the attempt (Cumin complained that Thyme hadn't informed her that Aquah was so far under water, which Thyme said should have been obvious to even the dimmest of witches).
# Mayor of Komona
* **Age**: 48
* **Episode**: ep06
* **Description**: Mayor of Komona. Organized and spoke at the potion contest (ep06).
* **Description**: Mayor of Komona. Presided over the potion contest (ep06).
# Prince Acren
......@@ -154,6 +165,7 @@ Cumin started off as an apprentice of Thyme. Despite being in her sixties and an
* **Description**: Prince, and as-yet-uncrowned king of Acren. Orphaned after the death of his parents, The King and Queen of Acren (ep11).
# The Sage
![The Sage](
* **Age**: Unknown
* **Episode**: ep16
* **Description**: The Sage is the great and wise teacher of Hereva. Located in the hot springs of Hereva The Sage dispenses wisdom to those who seek it. He sits in the hot springs, and speaks his wisdom to anyone who will hear. Those who understand the message of The Sage (and have the ability to stay in the water long enough without pruning) can truly say they have received his wisdom. Many who made the trek to see The Sage report the only wisdom they received was sounds of contentment and a promise that he will teach them when he gets out of the bath. Few have seen The Sage outside of his bath, and fewer still speak openly of his wisdom. As a result The Sage spends most of his time alone in the bath sighing with contentment; his wisdom unheard and unheeded.
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