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......@@ -20,7 +20,9 @@ Zombiah is at the top-right of the triangle, and it's one of the three sub-schoo
Hippiah is at the middle-top of the triangle, and it's the central sub-school of 'Evolutions'. It's the house of **plants, creatures, insects** (yes, even mosquitoes) and **all living things**. It's the finest form of Evolution and has documentation about gardening, farming and the reproduction of species. Hippiah adepts can manipulate any form of life and it's a popular secondary magic choice.
## Ah :
Ah is at the top-left of the triangle, and it's the last sub-school of 'Evolutions'. It's the house of the **after-life, ghosts, souls and an open door to parallel universes**. It is strictly prohibited to document Ah, but representing it in the impossible triangle of Chaos&Evolution is permitted.
Ah is at the top-left of the triangle, and it's the last sub-school of 'Evolutions'. It's the house of the **after-life, ghosts, souls, and is the open door to parallel universes**. Because Ah deals with spirits and other planes of existence its secrets are carefully guarded. Many myths and legends about Ah have arisen because of such secrecy, and the silence does little to disprove such wild conjecture. Some say that the spirit world might someday unravel the fabric of Hereva itself, or that they guard the secrets to eternal life, while others say the reason Ah is practiced in secret is because the spirits are selective with whom they communicate and are easily angered with banal questions about future events. Whatever the truth it is easier to find rumors of Ah than actual written documentation as Ah strictly prohibits documenting their practices, preferring instead to pass them on through oral traditions to trusted adepts. Adherents of Ah choose their members carefully (some say the spirits themselves select who shall learn the ways of Ah), and there are no accounts of outsiders learning Ah. Practitioners of Ah travel in small nomadic bands, preferring solitude over any company. Perhaps the spirits are always guiding, talking, and listening so the followers of Ah are never truly alone. It is considered good fortune to see an adept of Ah, but rarely do they stay for very long, guided by invisible winds in unknowable directions.
Some argue Ah should not be represented on the impossible triangle of Chaos&Evolutions, and that its mere presence will draw attention to the unknowable arts. Wiser have thus far prevailed, and Ah remains on all canonical versions of the triangle.
# Unit
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