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to-do general description
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**/!\ Work-in-Progress**
The description under are not complete, and I keep a part of it hidden to not spoil the back story.
I'll probably add a 'Spoiler' page later as a resources for derivative project wanting to get full psychological infos and past of each characters.
#### Pepper
Pepper is a witch of Chaosah/Hippiah and live a inner paradox between trying to understanding the mysteries of chaos and accepting what already there. Her pet is a male red cat named Carrot. She live in the forest Squirrel's End, near a little village of farmer.
#### Coriander
Coriander is a witch of Zombiah/Kielbasah and his a little geek about machinery or giving life to anything. Her pet is a black cock named Mango.
#### Saffron
Saffron is a witch of Kielbasah/Hippiah and just want to be rich and famous. She likes gold and everything shining. Her pet is a white angora female cat named Truffel.
#### Shichimi
Shichimi is a witch of Ah/Hippiah and is looking for peace, calm and harmony. She likes creatures and soul of everything. Her pet is a two tailed magical fox named Yuzu.
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