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Adding quotes from Ep. 17 to Chaosah

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......@@ -20,6 +20,11 @@ During the great war all of the members of Chaosah were wiped out by the forces
* "...has influence over the powerful!" (ep. 11)
* "...does not use magic for daily chores." (ep. 12)
* (regarding frivolous potions) "...wouldn't create these kinds of potions." (ep. 12)
* "... needs neither compass nor map. A starry sky will suffice." (ep 17)
### Other wisdom of Chaosah:
* "A good dark stare is worth a dozen curses! [...] "Stare them down. Dominate them!" -- Cayenne (relayed by Pepper in ep. 17)
* "To know the edible plants is to know where to find ready-made potions against hunger!" -- Cumin (relayed by Pepper in ep. 17)
## Magmah :
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