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# Pepper's House
![Pepper's house](
Pepper and her cat Carrot live in a house overlooking the forest near the village of "Squirrel's End". The house is a strange combination, fusing one of the trees of the forest with conventional building materials. It is unclear whether Pepper's house is magically entwined with a tree or if the tree grew around her house. Perhaps both, as the tree continues to grow into the house. Outside of the house is a mailbox with the number "33" on it, and a sign: "WARNING - WITCH PROPERTY". It's doubtful anyone has ever read or would ever heed this sign as Pepper set countless traps in the forest surrounding her house. The traps are effective, and have kept the dangers of the forest and the idly curious from disturbing Pepper and her work. Sometimes she remembers to release those caught in her traps, but even invited guests have a tendency to fall victim when Pepper forgets to deactivate the traps.
Flora and fauna around Pepper's house tend to exhibit strange behaviors. At one point the ants near her house were able to understand the whole of mathematics as the result of a potion tossed from Pepper's house. Whether they were able to do anything with that knowledge is unclear.
......@@ -17,14 +20,18 @@ Flora and fauna around Pepper's house tend to exhibit strange behaviors. At one
# Komona
The flying city of Komona is city built around the base of giant floating tree. The tree's rounded branches give shade over most of the city. Komona's residents are primarily rich and upper-class, and property on Komona is expensive by Hereva standards. Because Komona floats above the realms of King Acren it isn't subject to King Acren's taxation (though whether Komona is still under his rule depends on who you ask. Komonans feel since their city does not touch his lands they too are outside of his rule. King Acren differs, but without more resources he is unable to force the Komonans to think otherwise). Most Komonans enjoy plenty of leisure activities in their floating metropolis, and many flying boats travel to Komona for commercial trade and other and tourist attractions. Occasionally Komona opens its city gates for events, most notably the first (and last, if the city council has a say in the matter) "Potion Challenge". Saffron lives in the heart of Komona.
# Kerberos
## Kerberos
Komona has a mini-floating tree satellite where the ultra-rich live in a magically protected community. Only those who know the secret "knock spell" gain access to the community and visitors are rarely permitted.
# Qualicity
Qualicity is a large industrial city lost in the middle of a large desert within the Technologist-Union. Qualicity is most known for manufacturing many inexpensive (or, if you live outside of the city, cheap) objects in Hereva are built in Qualicity. Many clockwork and mechanical automatons work in the vast manufacturing centers while most of the population of Qualicity either maintain the mechanical constructs or perform other maintenance throughout the city. Coriander is the daughter of King of Qualicity.
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