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......@@ -14,6 +14,17 @@ Starting from the bottom is **Chaosah**, harnessing the primal forces of chaos a
Chaosah is at the base of the impossible triangle, and forms the basis of every other magic in Hereva. It's the house of **time, gravity, nuclear effects and also underground divine forces**. Some have postulated that Chaosah magic flows and controls all of the magic on Hereva in minute ways, but Chaosah practitioners tend to work in closed quarters and are loathe to share their magical secrets. Chaosah magic, more than other magical systems, values practical magic over flashy displays (and instances where this is not heeded have shown exceptional consequences). Chaosah magic can alter the shape and size of living beings, and can even open portals (black holes) into worlds outside of Hereva. Chaosah has no official schools, preferring instead to use their own recruiting methods.
### Chicory and the founding of Chaosah:
Chaosah founded by a young witch named Chicory. She was a curious witch, and loved to tinker with magic. One night she was playing around and happened upon the "Chaosah Black Hole" spell (which is a signature spell for all Chaosah witches).
_Chicory discovers the Chaosah Black Hole (artists rendition)_
Her discoveries caught the attention of other like-minded witches and she taught them what she learned. Eventually more students arrived and Chicory found herself spending every waking moment teaching students. Her original plan was to have several of her brighter students teach the newer students, but everyone wanted to hear the words of Chicory direct from the source. So she appointed her first apprentice. The apprentice is called "the unnamed apprentice" in the literature because one day Chicory needed something from the top shelf of one of the potion racks. "The unnamed apprentice", not wanting to disappoint Chicory, did not get a ladder and instead began to climb the wobbly potion shelves to get the potion. The potions toppled, broke, and spilled all over "the unnamed apprentice". The potions interacted with each other in strange and unpredictable ways. The records of the event still exhibit time distortions and it is feared the true fate of "the unnamed apprentice" may never be known. This lead to one of the first rules of Chaosah: "A true witch of Chaosah doesn't climb the potion shelves".
Soon after Chicory selected someone to replace her missing apprentice. Though she could no longer have a true apprentice (as the rituals surrounding apprenticeship are made for life) she selected a youngster named Thyme to take on the role. Thyme worked hard to ensure Chicory had enough time for her research, but the demands of running the school and "being the leader of Chaosah" took their toll on Chicory. Legend has it that Chicory decided she'd done enough with teaching others and decided to seclude herself in a pocket dimension where she could continue her research undisturbed. Whether she will ever return is the stuff of speculation and legend. Before the demise of Chaosah there were a small band of witches who would hold a vigil waiting for the eventual return of Chicory. Those who were closest to Chicory (including Thyme) figured it was best to let her do her research in peace, lest she return in a more powerful and agitated state.
### Burying failures:
A curious habit of Chaosah is the habit of burying items (ep. 12, 19). Chaosah has a long-standing tradition of taking their physical mistakes and literally burying them. This practice traces its origins back to Chicory, the founder of Chaosah magic. An unnamed student approached her with a potion or a spell that did not work (the tradition speaks of both spells and potions, depending on who tells the story). Chicory looked at the potion / spell and declared "This wasn't worth the Rea it took to make it. Perhaps the effort in burying it will reclaim some of the Rea you wasted making it". As Chicory was a wise and feared teacher of Chaosah the wisdom became that any project that had no hope of recouping the cost involved in making it would be buried, both to reclaim the Rea used in creating it and as a deterrent to creating such foolishness in the future. Usually the creator is tasked with burying their failed projects and experiments, although there was one class that so displeased Chicory that she made the whole class dispose of each other's failures as punishment.
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