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Explaining the triangle

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......@@ -4,6 +4,10 @@ Hereva's magic-system, or **"Chaos&Evolutions"** contains six main magics. From
The "Chaos&Evolutions" impossible triangle [full resolution here](
## Reading the "Chaos&Evolutions" impossible triangle :
Starting from the bottom is *Chaosah*, the primal forces of chaos and physics. Moving to the left we see *Aquah*, the fusion of the forces of chaos and the spirit; quiet and flowing. On the top left is *Ah*, representing the evolution into spiritual beings (beings requiring no physical form). Moving right is *Hippiah*, the evolution of the spiritual and the material to enact growth. Top-right is *Zombiah*, with an emphasis on keeping the spiritual with the physical. Moving down towards chaos is *Magmah*, combining the physical with chaos in ever-changing alchemy.
## Chaosah :
Chaosah is at the base of the impossible triangle, and forms the basis of every other magic in Hereva. It's the house of **time, gravity, nuclear effects and also underground divine forces**. Some have postulated that Chaosah magic flows and controls all of the magic on Hereva in minute ways, but Chaosah practitioners tend to work in closed quarters and are loathe to share their magical secrets. Chaosah magic, more than other magical systems, values practical magic over flashy displays (and instances where this is not heeded have shown exceptional consequences). Chaosah magic can alter the shape and size of living beings, and can even open portals (black holes) into worlds outside of Hereva. Chaosah has no official schools, preferring instead to use their own recruiting methods.
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