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Adding more about mapping Hereva and the formation of Hereva

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# Hereva
Pepper and Carrot inhabit the magical land of Hereva. Hereva was born from the magical forces known as "Chaos and Evolutions". "Chaos and Evolutions" (as they are known) exist within the cosmos and Hereva formed when the magic elements of the cosmos evolved from the chaos. Herava's magical nature permeates it so thoroughly that any practitioner of magic will have little difficulty in finding the resources to manipulate some form of magic. Magic is not without discipline though, and practitioners of magic must undergo specialized training in order to properly channel the magical energies within the world.
Hereva has three moons orbiting it, which are visible during Pink Moon. Hereva is a magical world that resists mapping, with only a few locations remaining still (Ah for instance is always where the three moons set). This may seem strange to those who are more used to concrete locations but for folks in Hereva navigating from one part to another is relatively straightforward provided they can find their bearings. It also helps that most folks on Hereva learn to use magic to help their navigation. Places like Qualicity and Komona send out magical beacons to help less-skilled travelers in finding them (the markets of Komona would be much less traveled without these beacons). Ah is not as easy to find, even though it always exists where the moons of Hereva set for the night.
Many legends have sprung up about the formation of Hereva. Some claim it formed when the dragons of old took to fighting each other long ago. Some even believe the star that Hereva orbits is lit by the fires of those dragons who still wage war with each other. Others theorize that Hereva and its moons formed out of the dust from another magical world.
Hereva has many different creatures roaming through the various lands. Dragons are the oldest of these creatures, and predate the known history of Hereva. Many various creatures roam Hereva, and many more are being discovered after the magical explosion from the Great Tree of Komona ripped apart the magical fabric of Hereva.
# Pepper's House
![Pepper's house](
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