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......@@ -130,3 +130,8 @@ Being a witch of Chaosah is not particularly lucrative, and several times Pepper
* **Age**: 14
* **Episode**: ep11 (not him, but his appearance)
* **Description**: Prince, and as-yet-uncrowned king of Acren. Orphaned after the death of his parents, The King and Queen of Acren (ep11).
# The Sage
* **Age**: Unknown
* **Episode**: ep16
* **Description**: The Sage is the great and wise teacher of Hereva. Located in the hot springs of Hereva The Sage dispenses wisdom to those who seek it. He sits in the hot springs, and speaks his wisdom to anyone who will hear. Those who understand the message of The Sage (and have the ability to stay in the water long enough without pruning) can truly say they have received his wisdom. Many who made the trek to see The Sage report the only wisdom they received was sounds of contentment and a promise that he will teach them when he gets out of the bath. Few have seen The Sage outside of his bath, and fewer still speak openly of his wisdom. As a result The Sage spends most of his time alone in the bath sighing with contentment; his wisdom unheard and unheeded.
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