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......@@ -72,6 +72,12 @@ Qualicity is also known for it's predominant magical system, Zombiah. This magic
Coriander is the daughter of King of Qualicity, and is the most famous practitioner of Zombiah magic. She lives in the Technologist Union headquarters where she is attended by clockwork servants. She is friends with Pepper and Shichimi and has invited them on several occasions over for a slumber party.
## The Cathedral
The Cathedral sits inside of the city of Qualicity. It is a beautiful structure, used primarily as the place where royalty is crowned. The stained glass is set in such a way that when the moons of Hereva are aligned a certain way the cathedral shines with brilliant light.
### The name of the cathedral
Citizens of Qualicity call the cathedral simply "The Cathedral". Folks outside of Qualicity may call it the Qualicity Cathedral or the Zombiah Cathedral, but it's proper name has been lost to history. Shortly after the cathedral was built one of the reigning monarch decreed that the cathedral should be named after him. He was an inept ruler who spent most of his rule renaming things to suit his whims. His staff, however, quickly tired of the demands and the resulting paperwork in enacting his renaming spree. When the king asked about the status of renaming the cathedral his staff replied with various excuses, ranging from "Oh, I'll get right on that!" to "I haven't heard back from that department. Let me look into it." Eventually it became an open secret that the king's demand was being hampered by his staff's inability or unwillingness to comply with his demands. The excuses went from the plausible to the ridiculous: "I think that department only works during lunar alignments" was the most notable of the ones recorded. Unfortunately these are the only records remaining of this king. The official register of monarchs went missing prior to the coronation of the king, and appeared well into the reign of King Rambutan. In the space where this king's two-month reign is hastily scribbled "King What's His Name". Under the end date is the cryptic word "Gone". This gave rise to the popular children's rhyme, sung whenever someone reaches the top of the hill in the game of "King of the hill": "Long may you reign, Like good ol' What's His Name". Naturally the monarchs of Qualicity don't see the humor in this.
# The Temples of Ah
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