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......@@ -37,6 +37,12 @@ Magic in Hereva is unlike our concepts of Ki, Mana or Chi. Because magic formed
Rea can be loosely thought of as collecting the by-products of a task. By concentrating on making a potion for a loved one the practitioner can harness some of the Rea used in creating the potion. Conversely if there is no attachment, or if the practitioner is careless then the Rea is lost and the Rea must be obtained via other more costly means.
Rea is used for all aspects of life on Hereva. Farmers in the village of Squirrel's End use Rea to grow healthier crops (and tastier crops, as the locals will attest). They also use Rea to ward off the denizens of the forest (who will also attest to the tastiness of the crops in Squirrel's End). Witches of Hereva find the use of Rea for mere "chores" beneath them, and reserve their Rea use for more important matters.
Training in one of the schools of magic allows for more controlled and focused use of Rea. Without this training Rea becomes more of a "guided intention" rather than a direct command of Rea. By careful study, focus, and desire one can learn to harness Rea to conform to their will. As the Herevans learned how to control Rea they quickly realized this power could cause havoc if not properly taught, and formed the schools of magic to properly teach the various ways of harnessing Rea. Some schools became more secretive about their methods for controlling Rea, while others remained open to all students (mostly from necessity, but some because of the charters of their founding members). Most of the people of Hereva know a little bit of the schools of magic they were exposed to (for instance the farmers of Hereva know a diluted form of Hippiah magic passed on from one generation to the next) but there is a huge difference between mimicking the magic of a school and knowing all of their secret knowledge.
Rea use is must be replenished from time to time. While Rea can be replenished in various ways (meditation, careful focus on a project, dedication to a project, etc.) these take time and effort to achieve. Beware anyone who claims to have invented a way to regenerate Rea without effort.
# History
## Wars between Magmah and Aquah
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