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adding characters + new descriptions for characters.

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**/!\ Work-in-Progress**
The following descriptions are not complete, and I keep a part of them hidden to not spoil the back story.
I'll probably add a 'Spoiler' page later as resources for derivative projects wanting to get full psychological info and past histories of each character.
#### Pepper
Pepper is a witch of Chaosah/Hippiah and lives with an inner paradox between trying to understand the mysteries of Chaos and accepting what's already there. Her pet is a male ginger cat named Carrot. She lives in the forest of Squirrel's End, near a little farmer's village.
* **Age**: 14
* **Human**, Female
* **Magic**: **Chaosah**
* **Place**: her house, in the forest of Squirrel's End ( a little farmer's vill**Age** ).
* **Pet**: **Carrot**, a male ginger cat curious and always looking for fun and entertainement.
* **Hobby**: Studying magic law, an inner paradox between trying to understand the mysteries of Chaosah and accepting what's already there.
* **Theme**: Particles, galaxies, black-holes, total-mess, deconstruction, emptyness, fulness, infinity, paradox.
* **Family**: Abandonned, educated in the Squirrel's End orphan**Age**.
* Motivation: Find respect, love and friends by being the best witch.
* _Potion of Flight (ep01)_
* _Potion of growing/shrinking size for her and Carrot (ep05)_
* _Summoning three demons of Chaosah (book1, Incantations for Demons of Chaosah ) (ep08)_
* _Laughting Potion (ep12)_
* _Mega-hairgrowth Potion (ep12)_
* _"Bright-side" Potion (ep12)_
* _Smoke Potion (ep12)_
* _Stink bubbles (ep12)_
* _Summoning a Chaosahn blackhole (book7, Gravitationnal fields ) (ep12)_
#### Coriander
Coriander is a witch of Zombiah/Kielbasah and is a little geeky about machinery or giving life to anything. Her pet is a black cockerel named Mango.
* **Age**: 14
* **Human**, Female
* **Magic**: **Zombiah**
* **Place**: Qualicity, an industrial city from the Technologist Union.
* **Pet**: **Mango**, a black cockerel. He secretly wants to rule the world.
* **Hobby**: a little geeky about machinery or giving life to anything
* **Theme**: industry, Voodoo, death; decomposition, bones, cimetary, robot, mecanic.
* **Family**: Princess of Qualicity, get everything she wants from her father, the king.
* Motivation: Being the inventor of a new kind of magic based on logic and physic law that all poeple could use, not only witches.
* _Potion of Zombification (ep06)_
#### Saffron
Saffron is a witch of Kielbasah/Hippiah and just wants to be rich and famous. She likes gold and everything shiny. Her pet is a white angora female cat named Truffel.
* **Age**: 14
* **Human**, Female
* **Magic**: **Kielbasah**
* **Place**: Komona, the magic floating tree city, a place of market and rich poeples.
* **Pet**: **Truffel**, a white angora cat.
* **Hobby**: working to be more rich and famous
* **Theme**: urban, metal, gems, forge, glass, mirrors, shining, rocks, caves.
* **Family**: Abandonned, educated in the Komona orphan**Age**.
* **Motivations**: Being the best witch and restore the old name of her magic school to 'Magmah'.
* _First appears on (ep01)_
* _Potion of Poshness (ep06)_
#### Shichimi
Shichimi is a witch of Ah/Hippiah and is looking for peace, calm and harmony. She likes creatures and the souls of everything. Her pet is a two tailed magical fox named Yuzu.
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* **Age**: 14
* **Human**, Female
* **Magic**: **Ah**
* **Place**: Land of the Setting Moon, nomadic lifestyle in this territory.
* **Pet**: **Yuzu**, a young two tailed magical fox (kitsune).
* **Hobby**: observing life around, being aware on her role within life.
* **Theme**: other worlds, mystic, ghost, life, regeneration, grow, energy.
* **Motivations**: To have a soft life and die in peace.
* _Potion of Giant Monster (ep06)_
#### Fairies
* **Age**: infinite
* **Magic**: **Chaosah**
* **fairies**, Four female
* **Place**: Magic fairy grot, forest of Squirrel's End.
* **Hobby**: Appearing around and granting wish to strangers.
* _They appears on (ep05)_
#### Thym
* **Age**: 116
* **Human**, Female
* **Magic**: **Chaosah**
* **Description**: the small and wise leader of the Chaosah witches.
* _She transform herself into the Prince Acren (ep11)_
#### Cayenne
* **Age**: 56
* **Human**, Female
* **Magic**: **Chaosah**
* **Description**: a psychorigid tall and thin witch of Chaosah.
* _First appears on (ep11)_
* _She cancel a spell (ep12)_
#### Cumin
* **Age**: 62
* **Human**, Female
* **Magic**: **Chaosah**
* **Description**: a bon-vivant witch of Chaosah.
* _She transform herself into a Bat on (ep11)_
#### Mayor of Komona
* **Age**: 48
* **Human**, Male
* **Description**: Organize and speak in the potion challenge (ep06).
#### Prince Acren
* **Age**: 14
* **Human**, Male
* **Description**: Orphan prince after the death of the king and queen (ep11).
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