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# History of Hereva
## The Dragons and the pre-history of Hereva
## The dragons and the pre-history of Hereva
The Dragons of Hereva have lived in the land of Hereva long before human recollection. It wasn't until The Great Tree of Komona that the dragons took notice of the humans in Hereva. Whether that was because the humans didn't arrive until The Great Tree of Komona appeared is something the Komonan scholars wrestle to resolve. Many conversations with the dragons prove inconsistent at best and obfuscated at worst. One theory is that the dragons simply did not pay any attention to the humans until they wielded magic, much in the same way that humans don't pay attention to the ants until they start building superstructures in their back yard. Another theory is the dragons purposefully obfuscate human history, answering in riddles and conflicting details in the hopes of keeping humans away from some hidden lore.
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## The Present
It's been 14 years since the end of the great war. **Chaosah** continues to train their heir under the watchful gaze of **Ah**. Magic is once again in balance, and the blight of war is being replaced with rebuilding and renewal. The ruptures created during the war let in a few beings from other worlds, and the burst of magic from The Great Tree has repercussions that are still being discovered. Hereva waits for the next adventures to unfold because Hereva hates boring.
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