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......@@ -18,6 +18,14 @@ Starting from the bottom is **Chaosah**, harnessing the primal forces of chaos a
Chaosah is at the base of the impossible triangle, and forms the basis of every other magic in Hereva. It's the house of **time, gravity, particle physics, and underground divine forces**. Some have postulated that Chaosah magic flows and controls all of the magic on Hereva in minute ways, but Chaosah practitioners tend to work in closed quarters and are loathe to share their magical secrets with outsiders. Chaosah magic, more than other magical systems, values practical magic over flashy displays (and instances where this value is not heeded have shown exceptional consequences). Chaosah magic can alter the shape and size of living beings, and can even open portals (referred to as "black holes") into worlds outside of Hereva. Chaosah does not operate as a traditional school. Students do not submit applications for enrollment; instead Chaosah prefers to use their own recruiting methods.
### Known members:
- Chicory (founder)
- Thyme (actual master)
- Cayenne (confirmed witch)
- Cumin (confirmed witch)
- Pepper (student witch)
### Chicory and the founding of Chaosah:
Chaosah was founded by a young witch named Chicory. She was a curious witch, and loved to tinker with magic. One night she was playing around and happened upon the "Chaosah Black Hole" spell (which is a signature spell for all Chaosah witches). She named her magic "Chaosah" because she felt she was channeling the chaos of Hereva in order to perform her magical incantations.
......@@ -64,6 +72,18 @@ During the great war all of the members of Chaosah were wiped out by the forces
Magmah is at the middle-right of the triangle, and like Hippiah is considered a major school of magic. It's the house of **cooking, baking, grilling, boiling, frying, steaming, toasting** but also is the house of **alchemy and rare metals**. Like Hippiah it is a well documented magic school, though not as open as Hippiah. Adepts of Magmah tend to use a blend of Hippiah and Magmah magic to create amazing dishes, as well as strong materials for other magical schools (notably Zombiah, which uses those materials for their animating purposes.) Magmah is a part of daily-life, and has found uses in both the home as well as for wars and industry. During the great crisis the school of Magmah realized (along with the school of Hippiah) that they could do more good in teaching a diluted form of their magic to the peoples of Hereva. Because of this most folks on Hereva know a small portion of Magmah, though the difference between a dabbler and an adept is huge. Magmah hosts an occasional contest for determining who has best mastered the techniques of Magmah. Competition is fierce and those who make it through the rigorous tests and trials are considered for deeper studies.
### Known members:
- Heliantha (founder)
- Vanilla (actual master)
- Paprika (confirmed witch)
- Saffron (student witch)
- Tabasco (student witch)
- Espelette (student witch)
- Cubanelle (student witch)
- Aji (student witch)
- Pasilla (student witch)
### Magmah and The Great War
The Great War started as a result of an argument between Magmah and Aquah. As part of the treaty (and as punishment for starting the war) the school was renamed "Kielbasah" by Aquah for a period of 10 years after the war. "Kielbasah", Aquah explained, "is the smell we closely associate with all of Magmah". All records at the time were magically altered to reflect the change. There are still folks who have trouble remembering what to call Magmah today
......@@ -73,6 +93,11 @@ The Great War started as a result of an argument between Magmah and Aquah. As pa
Aquah is at the middle-left of the triangle, and it's also a major school. It's the house of **water, wind, clouds and the abyss**. Little is known of this school as the chief requirement is to learn how to breathe underwater to even attempt to attend courses. This is acceptable to Aquah, as they are content to commune amongst themselves and the denizens of the sea. Rarely do they interact with those on land, and those who fail to meet the standards for the Aquah school find themselves washed ashore (or rather someone else finds them). As they tend to be out-of-sight, out-of-mind for most land folk it is easy to forget this school, but the wise know it is foolhardy to discount them.
### Known members:
- Unknown mermaid (founder, actual master)
- Spirulina (student witch)
### Aquah and The Great War
Aquah was responsible for escalating the hostilities in the great war. As part of the treaty (and as punishment for retaliation) the school was renamed "Wharrgarblah" by Magmah (as in the sound one makes when one is drowning). This too lasted ten years, according to the treaty (though some in Magmah feel the punishment was too light as few have ever said "Wharrgarblah" to an Aquah practitioner's face.)
......@@ -86,6 +111,13 @@ While Zombiah is practiced for reanimating formerly living creatures it's main u
Adepts of Zombiah tend to mingle their magic with Magmah in order to craft better materials to animate. Those that have mastered both can create amazing clockwork machinery that mimics life in minute detail. This has drawn mixed responses from the other magic schools who wonder if such constructs are capable of independent thought. Some folks speculate that the reason Ah continues to monitor Zombiah is to see if these constructs might have a spiritual existence.
### Known members:
- Apiaceae (founder)
- Soumbala (actual master)
- Coriander (student witch)
### Zombiah and The Great War
At the end of the war when Ah destroyed Chaosah it was Zombiah who brought back the three members of Chaosah. This has lead some to question whether Ah changed the terms of the treaty after Zombiah helped Ah restore balance.
......@@ -95,6 +127,12 @@ At the end of the war when Ah destroyed Chaosah it was Zombiah who brought back
Hippiah is at the middle-top of the triangle, and it's the central sub-school of 'Evolutions'. It's the house of **plants, creatures, insects** (yes, even mosquitoes) and **all living things**. Hippiah is one of the most highly regarded schools of Evolution magic, as it is the school most willing to share its knowledge. Hippiah documents farming, gardening and fertility in great depth, serving as a guide for most of the farmers of Hereva. During the great crisis the school realized it could not conscientiously keep its secrets and began spreading its knowledge throughout Hereva. While farmers know a bit of Hippiah magic the difference between a Hippiah adept and a mere practitioner is staggering. Few outside the Hippiah schools have seen the full extent of Hippiah magic, though there are stories of vegetables and grain that are so tasty as to make even the schools of Magmah weep with joy. Because it is so ubiquitous Hippiah is considered one of the more popular secondary magical choices.
### Known members:
- Botanic (former master)
- Basilic (actual master)
- Camomile (student witch)
### Hippiah and The Great War
Hippiah did not play an active role in The Great War. Their role was more in trying to heal up the land, and provide food to those areas blighted by the destruction. Their work continues today.
......@@ -112,6 +150,11 @@ Occasionally adepts of Ah leave markings on their journey for the others to find
Ah is primarily located in the land of the setting moons, which not only refers to the location where the moons of Hereva set, but also the dragons who find comfort in their last days. Ah and the dragons live peacefully together; the dragons finding comfort in a spiritual place, and Ah in guiding the spirits of the dragons to the heavens.
### Known members:
- Wasabi (actual master)
- Shichimi (student witch)
### Ah and The Great War
Ah was responsible for the destruction of Chaosah during the great war. What ended the war almost ended Hereva itself, and Ah realized without Chaosah the world of Hereva would suffer a magical imbalance that would drain Hereva of magic itself. They enlisted a chastened Zombiah to resurrect the viable members of Chaosah, and keep a close eye on Chaosah an their attempts at securing an heir. Using Zombiah again to resurrect Chaosah will never happen again if Ah has any say in it.
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