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# The Temples of Ah
![Temples of Ah](
The temples of Ah are located in "the land of the setting moons", where the three moons of Hereva enter "Pink Moon" before drifting off for the day. Ah fashioned their temples atop a natural hyperboloid-like structures. Water falls from the edges of these magnificent structures and pools beneath them in teal-colored waters.
The land of the setting moons is also the final resting place for certain dragons of Hereva; who came to this place seeking comfort and peace long before Ah built their temples. The dragons pay little heed to the Ah's practitioners and Ah leaves the dragons in peace. Ah has a beautiful ceremony for the passing of these great creatures, but few outsiders have witnessed it. The ceremony (as explained) calls the spirit of the dragon forth and guides it up to the heavens. As a result the temples sit in juxtoposition between natural beauty and draconic remains. From time to time members of Ah will fashion ornamental jewelry out of the bones of the dragons, but more often the remains sit undisturbed as, as their primary function of imprisoning such magnificent spirits is no longer relevant.
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