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Added headdress of Shichimi

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......@@ -59,7 +59,8 @@ Saffron demonstrated an aptitude for magic at an early age. When she was 6 she m
* **Theme**: Other worlds, mystic, ghost, life, regeneration, grow, energy.
* **Motivations**: To live a quiet life and die in peace, guided by the unknowable winds.
* **Family**: Selected by Ah.
* **Episode**: ep06, ep09
* **Clothing**: Shichimi wears a hair-piece fashioned from the bone of a flying creature. Whether this is purely decorative or some sort of spiritual device is unclear. Her garments are a simple robe and wrap, similar to a kimono.
* **Episode**: ep06, ep09, ep13
* **Known potion/Spell**: Potion of Giant Monster (ep06)
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