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......@@ -153,10 +153,10 @@ Cumin is only somewhat aware of her strained relationship with Thyme as her appr
# Mayor of Komona
![Mayot of Komona](
* **Age**: 48
* **Episode**: ep06
* **Description**: Mayor of Komona. Presided over the potion contest (ep06).
* **Description**: Mayor Branble, the current mayor of Komona, is the 70th mayor of Komona. His administration rose to prominence with his campaign promises to return Komona as the center of commerce and magical prowess to Komona. Part of this was in instituting an annual potion contest to pick out the brightest and best magical talent throughout Hereva. Unfortunately the results of the potion contest (ep06) caused great concern for the residents of Komona. Whether the potion contest will return (and whether Mayor Bramble will be re-elected) is still to be determined.
# Prince Acren
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