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# Creatures
## Argiope
## Argiope Spiders
* **Type**: Spiders.
* **Place**: Haunted jungle, usually near coffee bean trees.
* **Description**: Yellow spiders with spiral on the body. Hunt in group.
* **Episode**: ep03
* **Type**: Arachnid
* **Place**: Usually around the red berry trees in The Haunted Jungle.
* **Episodes**: ep03
* **Description**: Argiope spiders are yellow spiders that are primarily found in The Haunted Jungle. Their most distinguishing feature is a grayish spiral on their body, either on the thorax or the abdomen. They are one of the few spiders in Hereva that hunt in packs, using an intricate system of webbing, signals, and gestures for capturing prey. They also have a remarkably well-developed hierarchy that is still being studied by Hereva's scientists. What can seem like a small batch of curious Argiope spiders might actually be scouting parties keeping watch over their territory and notifying the others as needed. There are stories of Argiope scouts drawing large numbers of Argiope spiders to take down their prey in what one researcher described as "methodical". The red berry trees have proven the most fruitful places for Argiope spiders to congregate because many of their prey cannot resist the taste of the red berries.
## Phoenix
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