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Added notes about Pepper's wand use in her right hand despite being left-handed

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* **Theme**: Particles, galaxies, black-holes, total-mess, deconstruction, emptiness, fullness, infinity, paradox.
* **Family**: Orphaned, educated in the Squirrel's End orphanage.
* **Motivation**: Find respect, love and friends by being the best witch.
* **Miscellaneous**: Pepper is left-handed but uses her wand right-handed. This is because the Chicory, the founder of Chaosah, was right-handed and wrote all of the rituals down right-handed. So all Chaosah witches learn to use their right hand for casting spells.
* **Magic**: Pepper practices **Chaosah** magic, the base magic of the chaos. She is the sole living member of Chaosah (The other Chaosah witches were re-animated by Zombiah after their deaths in The Great War). Her tools: entropy, gravity, time paradox, space deformations. She has the fabric of the universe law in her hands. She finds reversing time for a second or creating miniature black holes easier than creating fire or healing someone. She can also switch multi-verses and dimensions. Summoning demons or creatures from other worlds is possible to her.
* **Known potion/Spell**: Potion of Flight (ep01),
Potion of growing/shrinking size for her and Carrot (ep05),
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