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......@@ -43,6 +43,9 @@ Being a witch of Chaosah is not particularly lucrative, and several times Pepper
* **Episode**: ep01, ep03, ep06, ep09, ep16
* **Known potion/Spell**: Potion of Poshness (ep06)
Saffron demonstrated an aptitude for magic at an early age. When she was 6 she managed to counterfeit a handful of Ko so closely that even the head of the mint could barely tell the difference. Rather than punish her (where she could become a formidable criminal) it was decided to put her into the advanced Magmah classes where she could perfect her craft. She learned quickly and realized she was pages ahead of her teachers. Rather than continue her formal education she instead used her talents to open "Saffron's Witchcraft" located in the highest-rent district of Komona's markets. Her primary clientèle ranges from merchants looking to improve their wares and the alchemists of Zombiah researching materials. Saffron's business thrives; so much so that a steady queue of people form outside of her office looking for her advice. Even the Ko mint looked to her to see how best to improve the Ko coins so they were harder to counterfeit. She has risen to prominence as one of the youngest entrepreneurs of Komona.
# Shichimi
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