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# Hereva
![Hereva Planet](data/wiki/medias/img/place_hereva-planet.jpg)
_Hereva planet with many moving patch on the surface, the giant teapot and the three moons._
_An early depiction of the planet of Hereva, with many moving patches on the surface, the giant teapot, and the three moons._
Pepper and Carrot inhabit the magical land of Hereva. Hereva was born from the magical forces known as "Chaos and Evolutions". "Chaos and Evolutions" (as they are known) exist within the cosmos and Hereva formed when the magic elements of the cosmos evolved from the chaos. Herava's magical nature permeates it so thoroughly that any practitioner of magic will have little difficulty in finding the resources to manipulate some form of magic. Magic is not without discipline though, and practitioners of magic must undergo specialized training in order to properly channel the magical energies within the world.
......@@ -86,3 +86,9 @@ The school resides next to a stream fed by a waterfall just above the school. Th
Students from all over Hereva can be found at the school, and the school is renowned for accepting most of the students who apply. A modest amount of magical aptitude is the only requirement for entry. Students are required to purchase Hippiah robes which can be had for relatively little Ko (there are stories of students getting robes in exchange for a few days worth of produce).
Depending on the weather some of the classes are held outdoors where students can practice their growth spells. During inclement weather students can be found tending the greenhouses, learning cooking, or perfecting their spells.
# The Hereva Cartography Company
The Hereva Cartography Company has its headquarters in Komona. The company offers self-updating maps for customers at a modest subscription price. The company sends representatives out to map the ever-changing geography of Hereva. Those representatives scout around to see what has changed and report their information via their proprietary magic-mapping process. The company boasts their maps are the highest accuracy possible, and their service is a bargain at twice the price. However the process takes time and there have been instances where the terrain changes faster than the map. Some have countered that the maps generated by the Hereva Cartography Company offer little that a little knowledge of Hereva geography and patterns couldn't do better. Naturally the company does not share this assessment, and claims the only way to be sure is to subscribe to their service.
Careful observers may note that the maps provided by the Hereva Cartography Company (HCC) show Hereva is slowly expanding and creating new territory every few months. Unfortunately the older maps are overwritten with the latest updates, so it's difficult to compare them over time (and HCC does not permit the saving of old maps). The official HCC statement on the expansion of Hereva is that it is not happening (and remember to keep up-to-date with the latest changes via our service). But some representatives, under conditions of anonymity and after a few strong libations) have countered this statement. Whether this is true (or just a way to get free drinks) is unclear at this time.
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