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The "Chaos&Evolutions" impossible triangle
In Hereva ( the world of Pepper&Carrot ) , the magic system is not a classic witchcraft's pentacle. It would be too banal, and Hereva hates banality.
Hereva's magic-system , or "Chaos&Evolutions" contains six main magic. From bottom to top :
The magics :
#### Chaosah :
Chaosah is on the bottom of the impossible triangle , and it's the primitive mother of every other magics. It's the house of time, gravity, nuclear effect and also undergrounds divine forces. Chaosah practiser can affect all other magics, but this area constantly changes and is very undocumented. Chaosah has no official schools.
#### Kielbasah :
Kielbasah is in the middle-right of the triangle , and it's a major schools. It's the house of cooking, baking, grilling, boiling, frying, steaming, toasting but also house of alchemy and rare metals. It's the most successful school on Hereva because it's very a very documented magic, and very convenient for daily-life, war, industry.
#### Wharrgarblah :
Wharrgarblah is in the middle-left of the triangle, and it's also a major school. It's the house of abyss, water, wind and clouds. The school is not popular at all on Hereva and very undocumented, probably because the school is in the deep of oceans, and you need to learn how to breath water to attend the courses.
#### Zombiah :
Zombiah is in the top-right of the triangle, and it's one of the three sub-schools of 'Evolution'. It's the house of darkness, death, zombies, cimetery, swamp but also of recycling and transformation. It's a popular school on Hereva due to centuries of economical crisis. It's well documented. Zombiah has no relation to after-life, but manage with success to give life to dead object, machines or creatures.
#### Hippiah :
Hippiah is at the middle-top of the triangle, and it's the central sub-school of 'Evolutions'. It's the house of plants, creatures, insect ( yes, even mosquitoes ) and all living things. It's the finest form of Evolution and has a documentation about gardenning, farming and reproduction of species. Hippiah adepts can manipulate any form of life and it's a popular secondary magic choice.
#### Ah :
Ah is in the top-left of the triangle, and it's the last sub-school of 'Evolutions'. It's the house of after-life, ghosts, souls and an open door to parrallal universes. It is strictly prohibited to document Ah, but representing it in the impossible triangle of Chaos&Evolution is permitted.
Witches, sorcerers, magicians :
Each practiser on Hereva has a primary magic, and a secondary magic. They can be different, opposite, or even the same.
**Primary :** The primary magic wasn't choose by the practiser, it's part of his nature and has talent for it.
**Secondary :** The secondary magic was learnt, and define a personnal direction and carreer.
**Pepper :** Chaosah ( primary ) , Hippiah ( secondary ) => a big jump accross the triangle , and a living magic paradox between chaos and nature.
**Saffron :** Kielbasah ( primary ) , Hippiah ( secondary ) => alchemy of metals and transformations.
**Coriander :** Zombiah ( primary ), Kielbasa (secondary ) => machines, giving life to object.
**Shichimi :** Ah ( primary ), Hippiah ( secondary ) => growing, elevation of spirit, harmony.
Unit :
Hereva inside the cosmos was totally born out of the Chaos and is totally made of magic trying to constantly do an Evolution. Therefore, it's not hard to find resources to manipulate magic in Hereva , and for any practiser , the magic quantity is unlimited.
The unit of magic on Hereva is not Ki, Mana, or Chi ; it's "Rea" , a short for 'reality' .
Any spells, potions, or summoning will cost a lot to the practiser in Rea unit . You can build Rea unit threw mixing two factor :
- Time/Duration
- Attention/Dedication/Care
A complex potion or spell can take hours to prepare, days or month with a lot of focus and care. Daily practise can enforce and shorten the duration of preparation of Spells and potions.
( Eg: any beginner practiser can easily spell the illusion of a small fire , but they'll need hours to create a real camp fire. )
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