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This pushes a cleaned and lightweight version of the website of Pepper&Carrot
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All the database was too big to be hosted here (<20GB) so I created a fake database with
colored image proxy colored and fake episodes. You can find them on 0_sources and data/images
mainly. This strategy reduced the full website to 20MB.

A full day was necessary to clean the comments and remove any sensible informations.
LICENSE: GPL V.3 for the code ( see LICENSE ) and for the artwork CC-BY D.REVOY.
License of PluXML core and PluCSS is also GPL3 ; Parsedown MIT License; and for
the plugins credits, read plugins/nameoftheplugin/info.xml file.
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# Scenarios
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Hey storytellers, welcome to this git repository dedicated to free, open and collaborative creation of scenarios for the webcomic project [Pepper&Carrot]( This repository exist in the purpose to build together a better entertaining experience around Pepper&Carrot and better future episodes.
## License:
Authors of all modifications, corrections or contributions to the Wiki accept to release their work under the license: [Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)](
## General guidelines
1. Have fun!
2. Short stories: between 20 and 30 panels.
3. Funny, Suprising or non-expected ending.
4. Monsters, epic landscape, special Fx: think big!
5. No sex, no violence; all audience.
## Formating style
Check the other scenarios in this repository to have an idea of the formating style. The file **** will help you to get started.
The scenarios are stored as markdown *.md files and written in english. Any text-editor on any operating system can write markdown. You can even edit it directly online. It's simple, lightweight, and focus on content; that's why I favor it. To know the possibilities of markdown, check the [ basic writing and formatting syntax ](
## Resources
Description of the world Hereva can be found in the [ Wiki ](
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Carrot,s Cake
* **Author:** RJ Quiralta <>
* **Licencse:** [Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)](
**Note:** The idea for this scenario is that there should be no words, since is centered on Carrot's character, I think is fun to instead use Pictures in place, like this is not entirely "silent" and dialogs would be done with graphics.
## Scene 1: Preparation for Carrot's Birthday, first guest.
**Panel 1:** Pepper,s cottage can be seen from a few meters away while She is putting some Birthday decorations on a table just on the side of her home (on the yard) in what it looks like a nice sunny day.
**Panel 2** Saffron arrive with some fancy wrapped present, Truffel has a tiny prensent on its mouth while wearing a flower head piece (to impress Carrot).
**Panel 3** On one of the cottage windows Carrot is "piking" with its face squizeed all over the glass full of exitement (very happy face).
**Panel 4** Saffron gives Pepper the present for Carrot.
_Saffron: Picture of Carrot recieving the gift._
_Pepper: Picture of a hart._
**Panel 5** Carrot is getting ready to meet the guest, "combing" its hair with its paw while running out the door (anthropomorphically as usual).
## Scene 2: Preparation for Carrot's Birthday, second guest.
**Panel 6:** Pepper and Saffron are fixing some chairs while the pets look surprised at the viewer's (reader) direction.
_Carrot Truffel: Picture of their heads in a surprised manner._
**Panel 7:** In the opposite direction of the previous panel, With the Character's back facing the viewer, they are seein a huge mist suddenly appearing on the nearest woods, Peeper and Saffron have a slightly defensive pose.
**Panel 8:** Yuzu comes out with a smirky smile while Shichimi follows him with a very innocent manner, as if coming out of the misterious fog was a normal way of appearing, she has a present wrapped in a clothe "furoshiki".
**Panel 9:** Saffron is a bit upset but relieved.
_Saffron: Picture of Monster coming out of the mist/fog with an red "X" crossing it._
**Panel 10:** Pepper is laughing, the pets are now running/playing around.
_Pepper: Picture of Thyme coming out of the mist/fog with red "X" crossing it._
_Shichimi: Picture of turtle hidding on its shell (motion signs)_
## Scene 3: Preparation for Carrot's Birthday, the cake.
**Panel 11:** Carrot and the other pets are now insde the cottage, walking towards the kitchen.
_Carrot: Picture of candies._
_Truffel: Picture of Chocolates._
_Yuzu: Picture of Dango._
**Panel 12:** Carrot is dissapointed on the dinign table (in the cottage still) not finding treats but fruits. The other pets try to console it talking about the cake.
_Carrot: Picture of fruit been thrown in the trash can._
_Truffel Yuzu: Picture of Pepper with a samall cake._
**Panel 13:** Carrot has a better idea than the cake imagined by Truffel and Yuzu, it share its vision while standing in a determination pose.
_Carrot: Pepper with a samall cake crossed by an red "X"._
_Truffel Yuzu: Picture of a gray cloud._
_Carrot: Picture of carrot with a wizard hat beside a giant cake._
**Panel 14:** Carrot start looking for the recipie in a very ancient book that they just found in the kitchen, unaware of its title: Magical Recipies.
_Yuzu: Picture of a double leyer cake, like a big dorayaki, or pankake._