Commit 6125db44 authored by David Revoy's avatar David Revoy

Add [gd] admin folder: or PluXML refuses to display the lang

Note: this is just a copy of the English folder; no translation
is required here as I don't need a jz private admin translation.
parent 580cef72
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$LANG = array(
'L_LANGUE' => 'English',
'L_DATE_CREATION' => 'Creation date',
'L_DATE_UPDATE' => 'Date updated',
# common
'L_PLUXML_VERSION' => 'PluXml version',
'L_HOMEPAGE' => 'Homepage',
'L_UNCLASSIFIED' => 'Uncategorized',
'L_INFO_PHP_VERSION' => 'PHP version',
'L_INFO_MAGIC_QUOTES' => 'State of "magic quotes"',
'L_INFO_CHARSET' => 'charset',
# index.php
'L_ERR_THEME_NOTFOUND' => 'Main PluXml theme not found',
'L_ERR_FILE_NOTFOUND' => 'PluXml target file not found',
'L_ERR_PAGE_NOT_FOUND' => 'Page not found',
'L_SHORT_JANUARY' => 'jan',
'L_SHORT_FEBRUARY' => 'feb',
'L_SHORT_MARCH' => 'mar',
'L_SHORT_APRIL' => 'apr',
'L_SHORT_MAY' => 'may',
'L_SHORT_JUNE' => 'june',
'L_SHORT_JULY' => 'july',
'L_SHORT_AUGUST' => 'aug',
'L_SHORT_SEPTEMBER' => 'sept',
'L_SHORT_OCTOBER' => 'oct',
'L_SHORT_NOVEMBER' => 'nov',
'L_SHORT_DECEMBER' => 'dec',
'L_JANUARY' => 'january',
'L_FEBRUARY' => 'february',
'L_MARCH' => 'march',
'L_APRIL' => 'april',
'L_MAY' => 'may',
'L_JUNE' => 'june',
'L_JULY' => 'july',
'L_AUGUST' => 'august',
'L_SEPTEMBER' => 'september',
'L_OCTOBER' => 'october',
'L_NOVEMBER' => 'november',
'L_DECEMBER' => 'december',
'L_MONDAY' => 'monday',
'L_TUESDAY' => 'tuesday',
'L_WEDNESDAY' => 'wednesday',
'L_THURSDAY' => 'thursday',
'L_FRIDAY' => 'friday',
'L_SATURDAY' => 'saturday',
'L_SUNDAY' => 'sunday',
# class.plx.capcha.php
'L_LAST' => 'last',
'L_FIRST' => 'first',
'L_SECOND' => 'second',
'L_THIRD' => 'third',
'L_FOURTH' => 'fourth',
'L_FIFTH' => 'fifth',
'L_SIXTH' => 'sixth',
'L_SEVENTH' => 'seventh',
'L_EIGTH' => 'eighth',
'L_NINTH' => 'ninth',
'L_TENTH' => 'tenth',
'L_NTH' => 'nth',
'L_CAPCHA_QUESTION' => 'What is the <span class="capcha-letter">%s</span> letter of the word <span class="capcha-word">%s</span>?',
# class.plx.utils.php
'L_WRITE_ACCESS' => '%s has write access',
'L_WRITE_NOT_ACCESS' => '%s does not have write access or does not exist',
'L_MODREWRITE_AVAILABLE' => 'Apache URL Rewriting module mod_rewrite available',
'L_MODREWRITE_NOT_AVAILABLE' => 'Apache URL Rewriting module mod_rewrite unavailable',
'L_LIBGD_INSTALLED' => 'GD library installed',
'L_LIBGD_NOT_INSTALLED' => 'GD library not installed',
'L_MAIL_AVAILABLE' => 'Mail sending function available',
'L_MAIL_NOT_AVAILABLE' => 'Mail sending function unavailable',
# class.plx.motor.php
'L_ARTICLE_NO_TAG' => 'No article has been found for this tag!',
'L_UNKNOWN_CATEGORY' => 'This category does not exist!!',
'L_NO_ARTICLE_PAGE' => 'No article has been found for this page!',
'L_UNKNOWN_ARTICLE' => 'This article does not exist or does not exist anymore!',
'L_COM_IN_MODERATION' => 'The comment is being reviewed by this site\'s administrator',
'L_UNKNOWN_STATIC' => 'This page does not exist or does not exist anymore!',
'L_DOCUMENT_NOT_FOUND' => 'Document not found',
'L_NEWCOMMENT_ERR' => 'An error occurred during comment\'s publication',
'L_NEWCOMMENT_FIELDS_REQUIRED' => 'Please fill all the required fields',
'L_NEWCOMMENT_ERR_ANTISPAM' => 'Antispam verification failed',
'L_HTTPENCODING' => 'Compression %s activated',
'L_NO_CATEGORY' => 'no categorie',
'L_CATEGORY' => 'category',
'L_CATEGORIES' => 'categories',
'L_NO_ARTICLE' => 'no article',
'L_ARTICLE' => 'article',
'L_ARTICLES' => 'articles',
'L_ARTAUTHOR_UNKNOWN' => 'unknown',
'L_ARTTAGS_NONE' => 'none',
'L_ARTCHAPO' => 'Read more #art_title',
'L_ARTFEED_RSS_CATEGORY' => 'Rss feed of the category',
'L_ARTFEED_RSS_TAG' => 'Rss feed of the tag',
'L_ARTFEED_RSS' => 'Rss feed of the articles',
'L_NO_COMMENT' => 'no comments',
'L_COMMENT' => 'comment',
'L_COMMENTS' => 'comments',
'L_COMFEED_RSS_ARTICLE' => 'Rss feed of the article\'s comments',
'L_COMFEED_RSS' => 'Rss feed of comments',
'L_STATICCONTENT_INPROCESS' => 'This page is currently being edited',
'L_SAID' => 'said',
'L_PAGINATION_FIRST_TITLE' => 'Go to first page',
'L_PAGINATION_PREVIOUS' => 'previous',
'L_PAGINATION_NEXT' => 'next',
'L_PAGINATION_LAST_TITLE' => 'Go to last page',
'L_PAGINATION' => 'page %s of %s',
# class.plx.feed.php
'L_FEED_NO_PRIVATE_URL' => 'Private URLs have not been initialized in your administration settings!',
'L_FEED_COMMENTS' => 'Comments',
'L_FEED_ONLINE_COMMENTS' => 'Online comments',
'L_FEED_OFFLINE_COMMENTS' => 'Offline comments',
'L_FEED_WRITTEN_BY' => 'Written by',
\ No newline at end of file
$LANG = array(
# install.php
'L_INSTALL_TITLE' => 'Installation',
'L_WRONG_PHP_VERSION' => 'PluXml requires PHP 5 or higher',
'L_SELECT_LANG' => 'Choose your language',
'L_INPUT_CHANGE' => 'Change',
'L_DEFAULT_CATEGORY_URL' => 'caregory-1',
'L_DEFAULT_STATIC_URL' => 'static-1',
'L_DEFAULT_ARTICLE_TITLE' => 'First article',
'L_DEFAULT_ARTICLE_URL' => 'first-article',
'L_DEFAULT_COMMENT_CONTENT' => 'This is a first comment !',
'L_ERR_PLUXML_ALREADY_INSTALLED' => 'PluXml is already set up !',
'L_ERR_MISSING_USER' => 'Please fill in the contributor\'s field !',
'L_ERR_MISSING_LOGIN' => 'Please fill the login field !',
'L_ERR_MISSING_PASSWORD' => 'Please fill the password field !',
'L_ERR_PASSWORD_CONFIRMATION' => 'Invalid password confirmation !',
'L_PLUXML_INSTALLATION' => 'PluXml installation',
'L_SITE_DESCRIPTION' => 'Blog or CMS, XML powered !',
'L_VERSION' => 'version',
'L_USERNAME' => 'Admin username',
'L_LOGIN' => 'Admin login',
'L_PASSWORD' => 'Password',
'L_PASSWORD_CONFIRMATION' => 'Confirm password',
'L_INPUT_INSTALL' => 'Install',
'L_TIMEZONE' => 'Time Zone',
\ No newline at end of file
$LANG = array(
'L_SAVE_SUCCESSFUL' => 'Data was successfully saved',
'L_UPDATE_TITLE' => 'PluXml update',
'L_WRONG_PHP_VERSION' => 'PluXml requires PHP 5 or higher.',
'L_SELECT_LANG' => 'Choose your language',
'L_INPUT_CHANGE' => 'Change',
'L_UPDATE_UPTODATE' => 'Your PluXml has already been updated.',
'L_UPDATE_NOT_AVAILABLE' => 'No update available.',
'L_UPDATE_BACK' => 'Back to Home page',
'L_UPDATE_WARNING1' => 'You are about to update your old version of PluXml',
'L_UPDATE_SELECT_VERSION' => 'Please choose the old PluXml version you wish to update.',
'L_UPDATE_WARNING2' => 'If you can\'t find the old version of PluXml in the list below, then there is no automatic procedure to update, because your version is too old.<br />We advise you to download the latest version of <a href="">PluXml</a> and to make a new installation.',
'L_UPDATE_WARNING3' => 'Warning: before you start updating, don\'t forget to save a copy of your site by copying the "data" folder',
'L_UPDATE_START' => 'Start the update',
'L_UPDATE_ENDED' => 'Update complete',
'L_UPDATE_INPROGRESS' => 'Applying version updates',
'L_UPDATE_ERROR' => 'An error occured during the update.',
'L_UPDATE_SUCCESSFUL' => 'All the updates were successfully completed !',
'L_UPDATE_UPDATE_PARAMETERS_FILE' => 'Updating parametres.xml',
'L_UPDATE_CREATE_TAGS_FILE' => 'Creating tags.xml',
'L_UPDATE_ERR_CREATE_TAGS_FILE' => 'An error occured while creating tags.xml',
'L_UPDATE_CREATE_THEME_FILE' => 'Creating the theme file',
'L_UPDATE_ERR_CREATE_THEME_FILE' => 'An error occured while creating the file',
'L_UPDATE_ARTICLES_CONVERSION' => 'Converting articles to new format',
'L_UPDATE_ERR_FILE_PROCESSING' => 'Error in file processing',
'L_UPDATE_STATICS_MIGRATION' => 'Static page file migration',
'L_UPDATE_ERR_STATICS_MIGRATION' => 'An error occured while migrating static pages file',
'L_UPDATE_CREATE_USERS_FILE' => 'Creating users\' file',
'L_UPDATE_ERR_CREATE_USERS_FILE' => 'An error occured while creating users file',
'L_UPDATE_USERS_MIGRATION' => 'Migrating users\' file',
'L_UPDATE_ERR_USERS_MIGRATION' => 'An error occured while migrating users file',
'L_UPDATE_ERR_NO_USERS' => 'No user in the file',
'L_UPDATE_CREATE_HTACCESS_FILE' => 'Creating .htaccess file',
'L_UPDATE_ERR_CREATE_HTACCESS_FILE' => 'An error occured while creating .htaccess file',
'L_UPDATE_UPDATE_HTACCESS_FILE' => 'Updating .htaccess file',
'L_UPDATE_ERR_UPDATE_HTACCESS_FILE' => 'An error occured while updating .htaccess file',
'L_UPDATE_CATEGORIES_MIGRATION' => 'Migrating category file',
'L_UPDATE_ERR_CATEGORIES_MIGRATION' => 'An error occured while migrating category file',
'L_UPDATE_CREATE_PLUGINS_FILE' => 'Creating plugins.xml',
'L_UPDATE_ERR_CREATE_PLUGINS_FILE' => 'An error occured while creating plugins.xml',
'L_UPDATE_DELETE_FULLSCREEN_FILE' => 'Deleting core/admin/fullscreen.php',
'L_UPDATE_ERR_DELETE_FULLSCREEN_FILE'=> 'An error occured while deleting core/admin/fullscreen.php',
'L_UPDATE_DELETE_PLXTOOLBAR_FOLDER' => 'Deleting core/plxtoolbar/ folder',
'L_UPDATE_ERR_DELETE_PLXTOOLBAR_FOLDER' => 'An error occured while deleting core/plxtoolbar/ folder',
'L_UPDATE_FILE' => 'Updating file',
'L_UPDATE_ERR_FILE' => 'An error occured while updating file',
'L_UPDATE_PLUG_MOVEPARAMFILE' => 'Migration of plugins parameter file in the configuration folder',
'L_UPDATE_UPDATE_PLUGINS_FILE' => 'Updating plugins.xml',
'L_UPDATE_COMMENTS_MIGRATION' => 'Comments migration',
'L_UPDATE_ERR_COMMENTS_MIGRATION' => 'Error while migrating comments',
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