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    Release open-source full Pepper&Carrot website! · 9a267127
    David Revoy authored
    This pushes a cleaned and lightweight version of the website of Pepper&Carrot
    as it is now online.
    All the database was too big to be hosted here (<20GB) so I created a fake database with
    colored image proxy colored and fake episodes. You can find them on 0_sources and data/images
    mainly. This strategy reduced the full website to 20MB.
    A full day was necessary to clean the comments and remove any sensible informations.
    LICENSE: GPL V.3 for the code ( see LICENSE ) and for the artwork CC-BY D.REVOY.
    License of PluXML core and PluCSS is also GPL3 ; Parsedown MIT License; and for
    the plugins credits, read plugins/nameoftheplugin/info.xml file.
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