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      [chatroom/contribute] Attempt at simplifying invitation to connect with us to the chat room · fcab6161
      David Revoy authored
      Before, the page had just three buttons without context. Here I tried to put focus on a
      single button to our Element room (user click; a page appear with the log of the room and
      propose to create an account to interact; this is super simple).
      I also added the IRC information for advanced users and adress to the telegram bridge.
      About Matermost, I think the bridge never really was active; so I abandoned the button.
  3. 20 May, 2021 1 commit
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      [G1] Remove invitation to support Pepper&Carrot via payment using G1 · a8d4628d
      David Revoy authored
      The link was dead (I noticed thanks to a contributor giving me feedback about it),
      and I'm spending more time to maintain this than get any benefit from it:
      - Adding credits to Pepper&Carrot based on G1 donation was extra work.
      - After years, I unfortunately never found a way to spend my G1; I have 18K... frustrating
        especially in difficult periods or when I'm facing big invoices or taxes...
      - The certification require maintainance yearly, not a lot but still more than just 0.
      For all these reasons, I think it is better to delete this possibility than giving the illusion
      to the audience they can help me with G1 donation.
      It was an interesting experiment, I'll keep my account in case I can use it later and wish
      to this beautiful project a lot of good things for the future.
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      Hide XYZ (new-ep) episode during writting/alpha step · c9330bef
      David Revoy authored
      I received feedback about it, while many part are in refactoring.
      When things are not ready for public; better to hide them.
      To hide a comic episode from the source; a simple "secret" empty
      file at the root of the episode will hide the access to see the
      source of the episode.
      TODO: add this file by default in the episode creator on tools
      (after renderfarm refactoring)
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