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    [ja] Replace all logo in Nihongo style, thanks Hồ Châu · 8714bad1
    David Revoy authored
    I received this morning by email:
    "After I read your blog about E shop, I check other language's
    Pepper & Carrot logos. I see most language not have logo, even
    Nihongo (日本語 ) translation not have logo.
    All manga need Nihongo.
    I draw it for you and try use similar style with Françias logo
    (maybe Nihongo translator want use it). Logo is SVG, can change
    it its color, style, etc very easy."
    Thanks again Hồ Châu! I replaced all the title with the new art.
    It wasn't super easy in itself, but the clean SVG files
    simplified a lot the process; especially to port special style
    like for episode 13 or 29. Thanks!
    (PS: ping @guruguru to review this art for the title. It is
    already on the website. If something is wrong; do not hesistate
    to let know! I can revert or modify. Thanks.)
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